Bieber Red Angus “Bieber Fever VII” Bull & Female Sale |

Bieber Red Angus “Bieber Fever VII” Bull & Female Sale

Repeat Bieber Red Angus bull buyers Cory and Mark Snedeker visiting with sale host Craig Bieber.

Date: March 6, 2014

Location: At the Ranch, Leola, SD

Auctioneers: Seth Weishaar and Mark Hove

Reported by: Scott Dirk and Chris Effling

18 herd bull prospects $16,277

236 Red Angus yearling bulls $5,226

7 black Red Angus yearlings $6,929

9 Red Angus and SimAngus hybrid yearling bull $5,722

62 Red Angus open heifers $2,666

3 Red Angus and SimAngus open heifers $2,100

What a fantastic day for the Bieber Red Angus crew at the Bieber Fever VII sale held at the ranch near Leola, S.D. This was the largest offering of bulls the Biebers have ever had on their spring sale. With the increased emphasis on their embryo program, this was also the deepest and most uniform set of bulls ever offered. There were several herd sire bulls in the sale, but more importantly, a vast majority of the bulls sold in rancher prices ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. Bulls that will fit the needs and price range of any operation

Bieber Red Angus is one of the cutting edge breeders in the Red Breed. When looking thru the AI sire directories, you will find a large percentage of the Red Angus bulls listed have either sold thru the Bieber Red Angus sale or are sired by Bieber bulls. Look for several of the bulls from this year’s sale to show up in the upcoming AI books.

The top selling bull for the day was Lot 127, Bieber Samurai, a 3/5/13 son of Bieber Rouse Samurai X22 with EPDs of BW -3.6, WW 67, YW 113, and Milk 22. Jeffries Land & Cattle, Checotah, Okla. & Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, Wis. teamed up to be the wining bidders at $35,000.

Broken Heart Ranch, Firesteel, S.D. selected the next top bull at $27,000. Lot 26, Bieber Cyclone A489, is a 3/24/13 son of LSF Cyclone 9934W with EPDs of BW 1.2, WW 80, YW 126, Milk 18.

Rohrich`s Cutting Edge Ranch of Steele, ND purchased the next high selling lot at $21,000. Lot 8, Bieber Roosevelt A523, a 4/30/13 son of Bieber Roosevelt W384 with EPDs of BW -1.9, WW 51, YW 80, Milk 31.

Lot 2, RReds Takeout 305A, a 3/5/13 son of LSF Takeover 9943W, with EPDs of BW -1.5, WW 75, YW 124, Milk 23 sold to Select Sires, Plains City, Ohio for $19,000.

Also selling for $19,000 was Lot 3, Rouse Epitome A33, a 2/14/13 son of Beckton Epic R397K with EPDs of BW-3.9, WW 72, YW 123, Milk 22. Twedt Red Angus, McHenry, N.D. was the buyer.

Lot 18, Bieber Hughes A512, a 4/27/13 son of Bieber H Hughes W109, with EPDs of BW -2.3, WW 67, YW 104, Milk 24 went to Leland Red Angus, Sidney, Mont. for $17,500.

Leland Red Angus, Sidney, Mont. also purchased the next high selling lot for $16,000. Lot 1, Bieber LB Get Current A107, a 1/25/13 son of Paringa Iron Ore E27, posted EPDs of BW -0.6, WW 55, YW 97, Milk 28.

Topping the open registered heifers was lot 305, Bieber Connie 110A, a 1/26/13 son of Beckton Epic R397K with EPDs of BW -1.8, WW 69, YW 110, Milk 21. Slack Farms, Paisley Slack, Harrisburg, S.D. won the hard-fought bidding battle at $10,500.

Cattle sold into several states and Canada with volume buyers being from Kansas, Wyoming, and Iowa. As usual, after the sale, Biebers hosted a steak dinner with loin steaks grilled to perfection and taco salad that is hard to beat anywhere.

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