Big checks, horse sales, BLM woes and Trigger |

Big checks, horse sales, BLM woes and Trigger

I hope the storms of the past week have missed most of you. Lots of wind, rain and hail around the region, though we missed out on the hail, thankfully. Let’s hit a lope and look at some country.

The Calgary Stampede is over and the Championship Round on July 18 paid off big time for some of our regional folks. For those that don’t know, Calgary went independent a few years ago after a spat with the PRCA, so the money won there doesn’t count toward the WNFR, but it sure counts with the competitors! The Championship round paid out $100,000 to win, $25,000 for second, $15,000 for third, and $10,000 for fourth. That’s besides money won in the other go-rounds. Pretty rich deal. Those crossing the border with juicy checks included Wade Sundell, Boxholm, IA, with $112,000 in the Saddle Broncs. Gillette, WY’s Chet Johnson hauled home a tidy $21,500 in the same event. Bull Riding had Beau Hill, Columbia Falls, MT, taking second for a total of $32,500. The Steer Wrestling had Jake Rinehart, Highmore, SD, pocketing a nice, even $20,000 for his efforts. Other regional hands won money in the regular rounds, too.

It’s good to see Jake back in the game. After his main horse got hurt, he took some time off and went home to help calve and get spring works done at Highmore. He has been hauling to a few good rodeos and using a couple of top’ ‘dogging horses that belong to friends until Eight Ball is sound and ready to haul. Best wishes, Jake.

There are a lot of good sales coming up starting in August. I left out a bit of info last week about the sale that Denny and Doris Lauing are hosting in Rapid City. It’s actually the Central South Dakota Ranchers and Breeders Quarter Horse Sale if that sounds more familiar to you. Co-hosting the sale is Moreau River Quarter Horses, Mud Butte, SD. Jerry Simon and Lynda Neumiller will be bringing a popping good set of weanlings to that sale, too. Jerry bought some of the grand producers at the Bob Jordan Estate Dispersal, so those genetics will be represented very well. Check out their horses at

Another top sale coming up in August will be the 10th Anniversary RQHBA Sale at Seven Down Arena, Spearfish, SD, on Aug. 29. They have a bunch of stuff going on besides the sale, including a Ranch Horse Futurity at 9 a.m., open to all two- and three-year-olds bought at a RQHBA sale. There’s $600 added to that one. There will be 20-plus saddle horses in the preview during the Ranch Horse Exhibition held at 10 a.m., plus a weanling showcase before the 1 p.m. sale. An online catalog can be found at or call Shirley at 605-347-8120.

The RQHBA is also having a Yearling Futurity at the Central States Fair. There’s $2,500 up for grabs in that, so get that weanling you bought last year spiffed up and handling nice and head for Rapid City. What a great incentive to buy a weanling at the sale this year.

This time of year those weanlings start looking a little moth eaten when they shed their baby hair. One way of slicking up those babies is to worm them. You’ll be amazed at how they shed out and shine up after that. Being nibblers, like babies of all kinds, they are prone to picking up parasites pretty easy, so some mild dewormer would sure be in order. Probably ought to do Mama at the same time.

The mustangs in northeastern Nevada have been having a long, hot, dry summer. There are about 1,200 too many in their area of northern Elko County, so the BLM had to start gathering them. There are over 1,600 head in an area that is supposed to support about 400. They have to wait until the foals are big enough to travel, so that leaves the hot summer months to work in. The already starving, thirsty horses had a hard time of it during the gather and some died in the holding pens, either from stress of starvation or from drinking too much water in the pens.

Naturally, an artist and wild horse advocate, Laura Leigh, had her attorney file a motion for a restraining order to stop the gather. The BLM had to stop, though that decision had already been made by those in charge. A judge in Reno showed the good sense to have the order dropped and has allowed the gather to resume. However, he is allowing the anti’s the right to be there to watch this time. You and I can’t go into those areas, as they are closed to the public during the gathers, so why let a bunch of people who have no qualifications to judge whether the job is being done right or wrong, in there to watch, get in the way, and cause further stress to the horses?

All the dead horses have been necropsied to determine cause of death, and they had all died of dehydration. The foals that died during the gather were so fragile due to starvation that they were going to die one way or another. It really bothers me that the bleeding heart types who “love horses” have the right to stick their oar in and make life more miserable for those horses by delaying their relocation.

The anti’s were ranting in a Portland (OR) paper that the fences need to be torn down so they can get to the feed and water that is being squandered on domestic cattle, sheep and horses on the other side. Hmm…could it be that the people who manage the land on the other side of the fence are actually MANAGING it? Is that why there’s grass and water?

Who’s running this country anyway? The only voices that are ever heard are the animal rights types, with the voices of the ones who actually live there and know what’s going on being drowned out. Grrr…makes me want to bite someone.

On a happier note, I see that South Dakota’s Lisa Lockhart has moved up to fourth in the standings and Jill Moody to fifth as of July 19. They are from Oelrichs and Letcher, respectively. Safe travels, girls!

I read about a horse that really retained his value this week. Good ol’ “Trigger,” Roy Rogers trusty mount, recently sold for $266,500 at Christies Auction House in New York. The fact that Trigger has been dead for a good many years and is stuffed didn’t seem to hurt his value. He actually looks good for his age in the picture I saw. Spry enough to be in the classic “rearing” pose with Roy’s saddle and gear on him. On the bright side, he doesn’t take any feed or water and sure doesn’t have to be cleaned up after. RFD-TV out of Nebraska was the buyer. Suppose he’ll have his own show again?

So, on that note, “Happy trails to you, until we meet again…Happy trails to you, keep smiling until then….”

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