Black Hills Stock Show Angus Sale |

Black Hills Stock Show Angus Sale

TSLN Reps: Scott Dirk, Jake St. Amant

Date of Sale: Jan. 30, 2023

Location: Rapid City, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

19 Yearling Bulls avg. $5,516
4 Fall Yearling Bulls avg. $7,313
6 Two Year Old Bulls avg. $7,250
15 Open Heifers avg. $5,600
2 Bred Heifers avg. $10,500

Top Bulls:
Lot 49, VZR Frontiersman 2146, 10/20/21 son of Ellingson Frontiersman 7132 x SAV Harvestor 0338 to Pat Maher, Bismarck, ND for $12,500. 

Lot 48x, S&R Stability J162, 10/5/21 son of S&R Stability J824 from S&R Angus Weston WI, to Chestnut Angus Farm, Pipestone, MN for $9,750.

Lot 56, T3 Powerchip 125, 2/5/21 son of 5T Power Chip 4790 x 5T Power Chip 4790 from T3 Angus LLC Beulah WY to Collins Ranch’s LLC for $9,000. 

Lot 42, K&J Common Ground 242, 1/12/22 son of Connealy Common Ground x PVF TCF Frozen 6078 from K&J Angus Larchwood IA, to Doug Simons, Enning, SD for $8,250. 

Top Females:
Lot 14, Chestnut Queen Lucy 235, 1/14/22 daughter of Chestnut Redemption 38 from Chestnut Angus Farm, Pipestone, MN to Lindskov LT Ranch, Isabel, SD for $18,000. 

Lot 20, Weber Montana Sky 30J, 2/1/21 daughter of S&R Roundtable J328 from Weber Brothers Cattle, Lake Benton, MN to Robert Shofner, Fayetteville, AR for $14,500. 

Lot 15, KR Leslies Dream 2585, 1/17/22 daughter of Connealy Hayday from Payton & Harper Scott, Gordon, NE to Jim Crouse, Belgrade, NE for $12,500.