Blast from the past photo revealed |

Blast from the past photo revealed

September 20-22, 1976 - Wyoming Hereford Ranch dispersal marketing personnel. Photo courtesy Dan Piroutek

Thank you, Jay George, Robert Schnell, Gerald (Jerry) York, T.V. and April Jones, and Randy Steinke for your response to our photo in the Jan. 31, 2015, edition. The photo featured the livestock marketers at the Wyoming Hereford Ranch Dispersal sale held in September of 1976.

Each of the entries included identification of most of the marketers but only one submission was 100 percent correct.

The winners of the contest correctly identified the people as follows:

Back row L-R: George Morse, Bob Schnell, Mac Jones, Pat Goggins, Stan Allen, Howard A. Brown, Art Handel, Dean Spencer, Jerry Wrage.

Middle row L-R: Frazer Biggs, Bill Lefty, Jerry York, Neil Orth, Jim Gies, Kip Parker, T. V. Jones

Front row L-R: Del Tinsley, Forrest Bassford, Steve Schull

On the block L-R: April Jones, Howard P. Brown

Congratulations, T.V. and April Jones on your accurate identification!

The Jones’ shared the following, in their e-mail entry:

“We have a copy of the picture and we were there for the sale working and had the pleasure of knowing all these people through the years.”

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