BLM gathers wild horses in Nevada |

BLM gathers wild horses in Nevada

The United Organizations of the Horse calls for compassion and the redoubling of efforts to gather and remove excess wild horses from the Owyhee Desert, and all other areas of the West where there are too many horses for the ecosystem to support.

In the aftermath of dehydrated horses dying from water intoxication after being gathered off of a Horse Management Area (HMA) that is more than 1,200 horses over the Appropriate Management Level (AML), a number of so-called “horse advocates” are calling for an end to the gathering, and to just leave excess horses on the land. Fortunately, U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks listened to testimony from BLM that if the temporary restraining order was not lifted that more than 500 horses were in immediate danger of dying on the range from the lack of water, and efforts to prevent that disaster and suffering were allowed to resume.

The United Organizations of the Horse is an organization dedicated to the well being of all horses, and points out that the reason these horses died was because of a lack of water on the range. Leaving too many horses to die horrific deaths of thirst where they are in a weakened state already is condemning hundreds of them to a death that is unconscionable and inhumane.

“From a humane standpoint,” said Sue Wallis, Executive Director, “delaying, or worse yet, preventing this gather from happening is the most irresponsible and uncaring course of action. If these people really care about the well-being and sustainability of wild horses…what they ought to be doing is working with the BLM and anybody else who has a compassionate bone in their body to get the numbers of horses on the range down to a number that can survive on the water and forage that is available.”

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