Booth’s Cherry Creek progress through performance bull sale |

Booth’s Cherry Creek progress through performance bull sale

Janice and Leonard Harms seated with son-in-law Tyler Graves and grandson Bentley of Pine Bluffs, Wyo.

Date: Feb. 13, 2013

Location: At the ranch near Veteran, Wyo

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Reported by: Rowdy Benson


99 Fall Angus bulls: $4,453

9 Yearling Angus bulls: $4,444

7 Yearling Red Angus bulls: $3,036

4 Fall Charolais bulls: $4,250

There was a hint of spring in the air Feb. 13, near Veteran, Wyo. The Booth family held their annual Progress through Performance bull sale at the ranch’s sale barn. All who attended talked about how exciting it is to be in the cattle business and as the sale went on the bidding mirrored this market vigor. These bulls represented performance and pedigree to optimize any operation. The Booth family offered bulls not only in the color black but also a few ripping Red Angus and Charolais. These bulls were well developed and ready to go to work. Hats off to the Booths for the great food, authentic generosity, and a last minute Valentine’s gift for my wife. Here is how it all came together:

Lot 90, Cherry Crk Upward 285 M, sold to the customer of the year The Dyer Ranch of Crawford, Neb., for $9,500. This HAYNES Upward 307R 032 long aged bull had EPDs of BW 1.4, WW 65, YW 115, and Milk 35. His actual birth and weaning weights were 80 pounds and 814 pounds.

Lot 34, Cherry Crk Onward 2245 M, sold for $8,750 to Dick Pettinger of Eaton, Colo. This Connealy Onward long aged bull posted EPDs of BW -0.1, WW 53, YW 100, and Milk 29. His actual birth and weaning weights were 74 pounds and 731 pounds.

Dick Pettinger of Eaton, Colo., struck again on Lot 73, this time for $8,250. Cherry Crk EXT 6002 2165 M is a VNAR Ext 6002 son who posted EPDs of BW -0.3, WW 62, YW 111, and Milk 30. His actual birth and weaning weights were 75 pounds and 786 pounds.

Lot 9, Cherry Crk Chinook 2210 S, sold to Smith Sheep Co. of Douglas, Wyo., for $7,750. This Shipwheel Chinook long aged son had birth and weaning weights of 78 pounds and 730 pounds complimenting EPDs of BW -0.6, WW 56, YW 97, and Milk 35.

Lot 89 sold to the Dyer Ranch of Crawford, Neb., for $7,500. He is a HAYNES Upward 307R 032 long-aged son out of a first calf Mainline daughter.

Lot 32 purchased by Andy Steben of Huntley, Neb., for $7,250. This Connealy Consensus 7229 long aged son represented the breed well with a 107 ribeye and 100 on $Beef.

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