Boss Cowman rodeo results |

Boss Cowman rodeo results

The Boss Cowman rodeo was held in Lemmon, SD, July 9-11.

Bareback Riding: 1. Travis Bechen, Rapid City, SD, 75; 2. Joe Wilson, Kyle, SD, 73; 3. (tie) Ben Newland, Belle Fourche, SD and Dustin Luper, Provo, SD, 72; 5. Lee Dunford, Menoken, ND, 71; 6. Dillon Manderfield, Miller, SD, 69.

Barrel Racing: 1. Jessica Holmes, Rapid City, SD, 15.90; 2. Jaymi Meeks, Belle Fourche, SD, 16.05; 3. Lacy Cowan, Highmore, SD, 16.11; 4. Hallie Fulton, Miller, SD, 16.14; 5. Ginger Laduke, Gillette, WY, 16.16; 6. Jen Meyer, Dickinson, ND, 16.24; 7. Lexus Kelsch, McLaughlin, SD, 16.25; 8. Nikki Steffes, Vale, SD, 16.29.

Bull Riding: 1. Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap, SD, 80; 2. Taygen Schuelke, Newell, SD, 75; 3. Allen Auer, Whitewood, SD, 72; 4. Cole Stevenson, Buffalo, SD, 71.

Calf Roping: 1. Kade Kinghorn, Buffalo, WY, 8.8; 2. Troy Wilcox, Red Owl, SD, 9.7; 3. Owen Fagerhaug, Plankinton, SD, 10.0; 4. (tie) Jeff Jones, Midland, SD and Brent Belkham, Ft. Pierre, SD, 10.2; 6. Dillon Kjerstad, Madison, SD, 10.4; 7. Mikey Loiseau, Egan, SD, 10.5; 8. Trevor Hupp, Huron, SD, 10.8.

Goat Tying: 1. Jacalyn Walker, Kinnear, WY, 6.8; 2. Hillary Bair, Kinnear, WY, 6.9; 3. Tabitha Sigman, Box Elder, SD, 7.0; 4. (tie) Becky Schroeder, Rapid City, SD and Jori Lorenzi, Laramie, WY, 7.1; 6. (tie) Lynn Smith, Kinnear, WY; Traci Hinman, Hay Springs, NE; Michelle Alley, Whitewood, SD; and Jordan Thurston, Lance Creek, WY, 7.3.

Ladies Breakaway Roping: 1. Jacalyn Walker, Kinnear, WY, 2.7; 2. Brandi Guttormson, Sawyer, ND, 2.9; 3. Renee Gropper, Interior, SD, 3.1; 4. (tie) Elizabeth Baker, Hermosa, SD and Randa Clabaugh, Arvada, WY, 3.2; 6. (tie) Patty Jo Burress, Isabel, SD; Reann Crane, Whitewood, SD; Marcie Locken, Isabel, SD; Tina Lammers, Henry, SD; and Cassie Sigman, Sturgis, SD, 3.4.

Mixed Team Roping: 1. Sunnie Reeves, Owanka, SD/ Ryan Zurcher, Torrington, WY, 5.9; 2. Trina Arneson, Enning, SD/ Melvin Arneson, Enning, SD, 6.8; 3. Kelly Shoemaker Faith, SD/ Lorna Shoemaker, Faith, SD, 7.0; 4. Lorita Nelson, Philip, SD/Jeff Nelson, Philip, SD, 7.3; 5. Tess Hanson, Dickinson, ND/Alfred Hanson, Dickinson, ND, 7.4; 6. (tie) Ashley Price, Volberg, MT/Brady Williams, Volberg, MT and Katie Kokesh, Belle Fourche, SD/Turner Harris, Killdeer, ND, 7.8.

Saddle Bronc: 1. (tie) Hugh Connolly, Golden Valley, SD and 1. Travis Escott, Faith, SD, 77; 3. (tie) Jeremy Meeks, Belle Fourche, SD and Clay Schaeffer, Medora, ND, 76; 5. (tie) OJ Heidler, Opal, SD; Joe Wilson, Kyle, SD; and Cole Elshere, Faith, SD, 74; 8. Troy Crowser, Whitewood, SD, 72.

Senior Men’s Breakaway: 1. Steve Klein, Sioux Falls, SD, 2.5; 2. (tie) Gary Zilverberg, Holabird, SD, 2.6; 3. Terry Moody, Letcher, SD, 2.7; 4. (tie) Monte Sandvick, Gillette, WY and Bryce Sigman, Sturgis, SD. 2.8; 6. Joe Painter, Buffalo, SD, 3.0; 7. JB Lord, Piedmont, SD, 3.1; 8. Chuck Nelson, Hartford, SD, 3.2; 8. Lennis Fagerhaug, Wessington Springs, SD, 3.2.

Steer Wrestling: 1. JB Lord, Piedmont, SD, 3.6; 2. (tie) Sam Arndorfer, Baldwin, ND and Kyle Irwin, Robersville, AL, 3.9; 4. Chasen Floyd, Ludlow, SD, 4.1; 5. (tie) Casey Olson, Prairie City, SD and Reed Petersek, Colome, SD, 4.6; 6. (tie) Devin Porter, Humboldt, SD; Tye Hale, White Owl, SD; and Seth Murphy, South Heart, ND, 4.9.

Team Roping: 1. (tie)Scott White Oelrichs, SD/Rory Brown, Edgemont, SD and Tim Nelson, Midland, SD/Jade Nelson, Midland, SD, 6.0; 3. Cole Johnson, Gillette, WY/Clay Johnson, Gillette, WY, 6.4; 4. (tie) Wade Nelson, Faith, SD/Melvin Arneson, Enning, SD and Donny Scantling, Buffalo, WY/Cotter Kinghorn, Gillette, WY, 6.5; 6. (tie) Wade Orr, Belle Fourche, SD/Flint Fleming, Miles City, MT and Tucker Dale, Timber Lake, SD/Jesse Dale, Timber Lake, SD, 6.8; 8. Jason Grubb, Spearfish, SD/Clint Hufty, Rapid City, SD, 7.0.

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