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ND brandowners have until Dec. 31 to renew

North Dakota law requires brands to be renewed every five years, which means brands will expire Jan. 1, 2021, if they are not renewed before then. Brandowners are encouraged to properly fill out their brand renewal form and return it to the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) at their earliest convenience. Brands that are not renewed within the brand renewal period may not be eligible for renewal due to potential conflicts with other recorded brands.

“If a brandowner has moved or if his or her address has changed within the last five years, chances are the address on file at the NDSA is no longer valid,” NDSA Brand Recorder Steph Hille said. “We want to make sure brandowners get their notices and have ample amount of time to renew their brands.” It is the brandowner’s responsibility to update address information with the brand recording department.

Brand renewal forms were mailed Aug. 4. If you are a current brand owner and have not yet received your brand renewal, please contact the NDSA office by calling (701) 223-2522 or e-mailing brands@ndstockmen.org.

Currently, more than 24,000 brands are registered in North Dakota. F

–ND Stockmen’s Association

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