Brazilian cotton growers headed to Washington |

Brazilian cotton growers headed to Washington

As the House and Senate Agriculture committees try to finish the farm bill including a major change in the U.S. cotton program, representatives of the Brazilian cotton industry are coming to Washington to make their case that the change should comply with the World Trade Organization case that they won against the United States.The National Foreign Trade Council announced today three Brazilian cotton industry officials will be their guests at a roundtable for reporters on Tuesday:

▪ Gilson Pinesso, president of the Brazilian Cotton Growers Association

▪ Haroldo Cunha, president of the Brazilian Cotton Institute

▪ Welber Oliveira Barral, former Brazilian secretary of development, industry and foreign trade, and a member of the Brazil Industries Coalition’s board of directors

In the announcement, NFTC noted that the United States had been making payments to Brazil to avoid trade retaliation, but that the Obama administration has now suspended those payments.

The discussion at the news conference, NFTC said, will focus on Brazil’s recent and likely actions in response to enforce the WTO decision in light of the suspension of the payments.

–The Hagstrom Report