Brenner Angus Annual Production Sale |

Brenner Angus Annual Production Sale

L-r: Bob Odde, Mound City, S.D., Skip Rau, Selby, S.D., both bought several Angus bulls.

Date: Feb. 22, 2014

Location: Mandan, N.D.


Reported by: Colt Keffer for TSLN


38 Red Angus bulls: $3,316

42 Angus bulls: $3,137

45 Red commercial heifers: $1,328

25 Black commercial heifers: $1,290

Total sale gross: $349,772

Brenner Angus hosted their annual production sale at Kist Livestock. The Brenner family is known for selling sound, calving ease bulls that are famous for their longevity. In the Red Angus division the high selling bull went to Leo Vilhauer of Leola, S.D., for $6,000. Lot 7 is a heifer bull that still has a yearling EPD of 92. Next was lot 12 at $4,500, Todd Biel of Java, S.D., bought TBS Hobo Monu 3396 a performance bull that boast an adjusted yearling weight of 1,322 lbs. Lot 27, another low birth, high growth bull brought $4,250 to Tom Aberle of Glencross, S.D.

On the Angus side Jody Fuchs of Carson, N.D., paid $6,000 for lot 67, a low birth son of SAV Final Answer 0035. Next was lot 68 Leo Vilhauer paid $6,000 for SMB Upward 2275, a bull that has an impressive spread of .2 at birth to 102 weaning. An owned son of Sitz Upward 307R brought $5,750 to Pete Hefle of Elgin, N.D.

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