Breyer to retire from Supreme Court, creating opening |

Breyer to retire from Supreme Court, creating opening

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced today he will retire.

Breyer is 83 and the senior member of the Supreme Court, The Washington Post noted.

President Biden has promised to nominate a Black woman to the court, and Breyer’s retirement gives Biden an opportunity to fulfill that promise, The New York Times noted.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., praised Breyer as “an outstanding and well-respected justice and has been a pivotal vote on many key issues from health care to abortion to the environment.”

Feinstein added, “With six months until Justice Breyer departs the court, the Senate Judiciary Committee will have ample time to hold hearings on President Biden’s nominee. I look forward to this process and trust President Biden will name a worthy successor to fill Justice Breyer’s seat.”

–The Hagstrom Report

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