Bridger Anderson wins Rapid City steer wrestling American qualfier |

Bridger Anderson wins Rapid City steer wrestling American qualfier

Top steer wrestlers from the Dec. 23, 2017, steer wrestling qualifier for the American Rodeo. Back Row (L-R): Gordon Good, Bridger Anderson, Teigen Finnerty, Joe Wilson, Tee Burress, Eli Lord, Kody Woodward, and Allen GoodFront Row (L-R): Herbie O'Daniel, Jace Melvin, Calder Johnston, and Cameron Morman. Photo courtesy Allen Good

Allen and Beth Good family and friends put on their fourth annual Steer Wrestling Qualifier for the American in Rapid City, South Dakota, Dec. 23, 2017. A total of 59 doggers wrestled for their share of the $6,000 added purse.

American qualifier

Results: 1st Go

Bridger Anderson, 3.35, $983.93

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Bridger Anderson, 3.98, 814.28

Calder Johnston, 3.99, 666.64

Joe Wilson, 4.00, 475

Cameron Mormon, 4.03, 305.35

Kody Woodward, 4.16, 169.64

2nd Go

Bridger Anderson, 3.77, 983.93

Bridger Anderson, 3.94, 814.28

Calder Johnson, 3.98, 644.64

Cameron Mormon, 4.00, 390.17

Jace Melvin, 4.00, 390.17

Eli Lord, 4.09, 169.64

Short Go

Cameron Mormon, 3.76, 435.00

Eli Lord, 3.98, 360

Eli Lord, 4.01, 285

Joe Wilson, 4.10, 210

Bridger Anderson, 4.18, 105

Bridger Anderson, 4.18, 105


Bridger Anderson, 11.47, 1,475.89

Cameron Mormon, 11.79, 1,221.43

Bridger Anderson, 11.93, 966.96

Joe Wilson, 12.25, 712.50

Kody Woodward, 12.81, 458.04

Eli Lord, 12.87, 254.46

With some contestants already being qualified here are the 10 contestants that qualified for Ft. Worth, in February: Bridger Anderson, Cameron Mormon, Joe Wilson, Kody Woodward, Eli Lord, Calder Johnston, Tiegen Finnerty, Tee Burress, Jace Melvin, Herbie O’Daniel.

Youth contest

We had a three-head youth jackpot following with two age diviisions, 13-15 and 16-19.

13-15 Average:

1. Denton Good, 32.82, 390

2. Wyatt Tibbitts, 32.85, 160

16-19 Average:

1. Sterling Lee, 15.79, 570

2. Blake Henry, 21, 280

Fast time

13-15 – Denton Good, 5.81

16-19 – Sterling Lee, 4.41

–Allen Good

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