Broken Arrow Angus Ranch 2nd Annual Production Sale |

Broken Arrow Angus Ranch 2nd Annual Production Sale

Repeat buyers Mike and TeeJay Henderson of Whitman, NE.

On a beautiful, spring-like Nebraska day at the Broken Arrow Sale Barn in Harrison, NE, Travis and Katie Krein held their 2nd annual production sale. Buyers were on hand from Nebraska and the surrounding states to select from an offering of very uniform, deep bodied, easy fleshing bulls, which are the result of the Kreins’ 15 years of breeding, culling and management decisions.

As this sale proved, Broken Arrow customers appreciate that these bulls are developed slowly and fed a high roughage ration so they can go on and perform for the producer. The bulls are also backed by a strong maternal foundation. Travis believes in a moderate framed cow that will go out and make a living on her own, breed back year after year, brings in a good calf and has longevity on limited inputs and range conditions. The dams of these sale bulls are a blending of some of the best cow families in the breed. Because of that maternal foundation, Broken Arrow bulls are genetically programmed to produce a great range cow with a good udder and the ability to travel.

The pedigrees offered at the Nebraska sale were unique and have been tested in the real world under range conditions. Potential and repeat buyers can expect consistent, deep, thick bulls to choose from again next year as Travis pointed out that they are committed to staying the course and letting the main stream genetics on both ends of the spectrum chase the extremes.

The top selling 18 month old bull was Lot #1, selling for $5,000 to Dan Dikau from Elwood, NE. This bull, BAA Young Gun 7266A, is a son of OCC Linebred 661L. His birth EPD was -1.3, Weaning 35, Yearling 67 and Milk 21, with an actual BW of 67. BAA Young Gun is a full brother to a bull that brought $12,500 at last year’s sale and a full brother to the $17,000 BAA Erica Lassie 371A.

The top selling registered yearling bull was Lot #13 in the “You Pick ‘Em” offering. Lots 12 and 13 were the choices this year. Buyers were able to bid and then take their pick of which flush brother they wanted to take home and use. The remaining flush brother stays at Broken Arrow to be used in their program. Pat Fleming from Torrington, WY selected Lot #13, BAA Amperage 834A, also an OCC Linebred 661L son out of a Buf CRK Blackcap 4877 dam for $4,500. This bull has a birth EPD of -1.4, Weaning 29, Yearling 51, and Milk 11 with an actual BW of 68 and WW of 647.

This year Broken Arrow Angus introduced a new option for their customers – the option of buying “Gene Pool” bulls. The Kreins believe the greatest genetic improvement comes from using cattle that have a uniform and consistent gene pool. Therefore, they grouped 54 of their bulls into lots of five which are so consistent in Broken Arrow’s preferred type and pedigree background that they can be offered as a uniform set of genetics. The bulls were brought into the ring one at a time in catalog order and the highest bidder had the option of taking the bull in the ring or up to five of the bulls from that gene pool at the same price. There were four high selling gene pool bulls which brought $3,000. All 54 gene pool bulls brought from $2,000 to $3,000.

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