Broken Heart Ranch Red Angus 36th Annual Production Sale |

Broken Heart Ranch Red Angus 36th Annual Production Sale

Sid Brenner visiting with the Arnolds.

Date: Mar. 5, 2014

Location: at the ranch north and east of Firesteel, S.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk


94 Red Angus bulls: $4,731

5 reg. open heifers: $3,500

5 reg. bred heifers: $4,200

84 Open commercial heifers: $1,758

The Broken Heart herd is a very maternal herd that maintains a very strong customer base of long-time repeat buyers. Each year a few new cattlemen are welcomed to the annual production sale. Broken Heart Ranch is owned by the Pederson family and is located in the north central part of western South Dakota. Another large crowd arrived at the ranch to bid on these good Red Angus cattle. The weather was starting to soften, but a stiff southeast breeze reminded us that it was still winter.

The Pedersons keep everybody very comfortable in their remodeled sale barn with heat in the floor. The sale moved along at a rapid pace as every bull found a new home.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 5, selling for $12,500 to Northern Lights Red Angus, Opheim, Mont. He was BHR Packer B 396, a son of BCLR packer Y8157 and out of a daughter of Beckton Lancer S281 T7. With a 96 lb. birth weight, he weaned at 748 lb. and grew to a yearling weight of 1,377 to ratio 116. He had EPDs of CED 0, BW 2.8, WW 73, YW 125, MILK 15, TM 52, ST 12, MARB 0.52, and REA 0.35.

Long time repeat buyer, Larry Harrison, White River, S.D., bought Lot 1 at $12,000. This heavy muscled herd bull prospect was a son of Red SSS Drifter and was out of a daughter of Leland Right Direction who had an MPPA of 107. Born at 95 lb., he weaned at 788 lb. and posted a yearling weight of 1279 lb. His EPDs were BW 3.3, WW 78, YW 124, MILK 19, and MARB 0.63.

The gavel fell at $10,500 after Lot 7 came through the ring. He was a son of VGW Bases Loaded 166 and out of a daughter of LCC New Chapter. He had a birth weight of 96 lb., a weaning weight of 775 lb., and a yearling weight of 1,346 lb. to ratio 114. His new owner was Brenner Angus, Carson, N.D.

Lot 17 sold for $9,750 to Bill Marks, Gettysburg, S.D. This son of Red Knight was out of a Packer daughter with an MPPA of 104. He was only 73 lb. at birth, but weaned at 708 lb. before reaching a yearling weight of 1,310 lb.

Lynn and Jeff Stradinger, Isabel, S.D., purchased Lot 21 at $9,250. Another son of Red Knight, he was out of another Packer daughter. With a 70 lb. birth weight, he weaned at 675 lb. and had a yearling weight of 1,195 lb. He had EPDs of CED 10, BW -5.2, WW 49, MILK 18 and YW 69.

Bauman Red Angus, Litton, N.D., selected Lot 11 at $9,000. Here was a son of Messmer Hector, and he had a weaning weight of 778 lb. to ratio 113.

Steve Walter, Huron, S.D., chose the top selling open heifer in Lot 103 at $6,000. She was a Messmer Hector daughter. Steve also got the top selling bred heifer with his purchase of Lot 106 at $6,000. She was a daughter of Red SVR Knight 221T.

Another great sale for this third generation firm! Remember, the food and hospitality at Broken Heart is some of the best.