Brooks Chalky Butte Angus Ranch 2012 Production Sale |

Brooks Chalky Butte Angus Ranch 2012 Production Sale

The Brooks outfit welcomed an overflowing crowd at the Bowman Auction Market on April 7, 2012 for the Brooks Chalky Butte Ranch annual production sale.

The sale started off with one of the largest offerings of commercial replacement heifers to sell this spring in the region. The heifers were all sired by Brooks bulls and were consigned by many of the top bull buyers from previous sales. All of these heifers were replacement quality. The selling price varied somewhat depending on the age and amount of flesh the heifers were carrying. The top selling draft of heifers sold for $1,575.

The bulls were very well presented and in great sale condition. They were showing a little more flesh than in previous years, but were defiantly not overfed for an April sale. The majority of the sale bulls were backed by generations of calving ease, with plenty of performance – above average for weaning and yearling weights.

Topping the bull sale was Lot 25, Brooks Right Answer 153, a Feb. 2011 son of Connealy Right Answer 746. This calving ease deluxe herd sire prospect had plenty of performance with a 205-day weight of 734 pounds to ratio 116 and a 365-day weight of 1,422 to ratio 123. This bull had EPDs of BW -2.0, WW 67, Milk 31 and YW 129. He sold to Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch, Sidney, MT, at $14,000 (two-thirds interest and full possession).

Lot 32, Brooks Dash 161, is another great calving ease prospect sired by Sitz Dash 10277. This March 2011 bull posted EPDs of BW 0.8, WW 56, Milk 32 and YW 107 with a weaning ratio of 110, yearling ratio of 113. He sold to Rolling Rock Angus, Sidney, MT, for $12,500 (two-thirds interest and possession).

Hay Creek Ranch, Buffalo, ND, purchased the next top-selling bull at $8,500. Lot 8, Brooks Upward 1141, is a March 2011 son of Sitz Upward 307R, another heifer bull that performed really well. This bull had EPDs of BW 0.4, WW 59, Milk 31, YW 117 and posted a weaning ratio of 111.

Long-time repeat Brooks Ranch bull buyers and heifer consignors, Don and Travis Lambourn, Bowman, ND, selected Lot 4, Brooks Upward 1300 for $8,000. This March 2011 performance bull sired by Sitz Upward had a weaning ratio of 111, yearling ratio of 123 and EPDs of BW 3.5, WW 65, Milk 34 and YW 133.

Two calving ease SAV Final Answer 0035 sons sold at $7,000 each. Lot 13, Brooks Final Answer 1332, sold to Jim Trangmore, Glendive, MT; and Lot 15, Brooks Final Answer 141, went to Wade Nelson, Buffalo, SD.

Also selling at $7000 was Lot 26, Brooks Right Answer 1449, a heifer bull sired by Connealy Final Answer that went to Dunn Ranch, Scranton, ND.

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