Results: 2018 Buck & Ball |

Results: 2018 Buck & Ball

Spencer Wright rides tge 2018 Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year, Burch's Lunatic from Hell to win the saddle bronc.

The Buck & Ball is held at the Gillette, Wyoming, Cam-plex every New Year’s Eve. Challenging weather conditions didn’t prevent cowboys, stock and fans from enjoying another great night of roughstock competition in 2018.

In the long go, $15,000 was paid out to the top 6 in each event, with a total payout of $45,000 in the long go.

The short go is set up in a “winner take all” style where the winner of each event went home with $6,000 plus their long go check.

2018 results:

Bareback Riding:

1. Shane O’Connell- 85

2. Joel Schlegel- 81.5

3. Tyler Nelson- 81.5

4. Seth Harwick- 76

Saddle Bronc Riding:

1. Spencer Wright-89.5

2. Mitch Pollock- 86.5

3. Jade Blackwell- 86.5

4. Taygen Schuelke- 84

Bull Riding:

1. Jeff Bertus-83

2. Dylan Duncan- 81.5

Futurity Stock Contractor- tie between Powder River & Sankee Pro Rodeo

Futurity Cowboy Winner- Louie Brunson

–Buck & Ball

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