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Buffalo Tales & Trails’ blog is launched

“Buffalo Trails & Tales,” a new Blog and website focusing on America’s new national mammal, the bison, or buffalo, has been developed for teachers and students of American History. Subscriptions are free at http://www.buffalotalesandtrails.com.

The buffalo blog is also aimed at “everyone with a soft spot in their heart for buffalo,” from parents and grandparents to such experts as Native American tribal buffalo managers to park rangers and buffalo ranchers.

A new issue of Buffalo Trails & Tales delivers every Tuesday, with a fresh Blog and “Story of the Week,” as well as news items. Popular blogs are Buffalo vs Bison—what shall we call them?, (The Buffalo’s) Social Behavior: A Tale too Marvelous to go Untold, and Saving the Buffalo from Extinction.

The first story of the week, Noble Fathers rescue Newborn Calf, highlights the way buffalo bulls protected calves from wolves. Another, Buffalo Hunting Accident tells the story of Bears Arm, second chief of the Hidatsa, who risked his life striving for the largest bull hide on a Missouri River hunt.

The Buffalo Tales & Trails blog, written by Francie M. Berg, is a regularly-updated web page, written in a conversational style. New postings are displayed with the most recent one first, at the top of the page. To make sure of receiving every online issue, interested persons need to request a free subscription. (Of course, you may cancel at any time.)

Berg’s latest book, “Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains” published by the Dakota Buttes Visitors Council in Hettinger, ND, won three national awards. The author of three books on buffalo, Francie Berg is a teacher and historian with strong homestead and ranching roots in the Old West. Born at home in the Missouri River Breaks, she grew up on a Montana ranch and lives in Hettinger ND, within a few miles of her grandparents’ South Dakota homestead and the center of a fascinating buffalo heritage of which she writes.

Berg has worked as a county extension agent and taught high school, college and adult education. She has a master’s degree in Family Social Studies and Anthropology from the University of Minnesota. For over 35 years she has researched buffalo, read widely on the subject, toured many public, commercial and tribal herds, talked and visited with bison ranchers and climbed some of the most famous US and Canadian buffalo jumps in the Rocky Mountains.

The blog is interactive and readers are encouraged to share comments, questions and their own buffalo stories. For more information please visit the website http://www.buffalotrailsandtales.com

or contact the author at fmberg@ndsupernet.com.

–Buffalo Tales

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