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Buster McLaury horse clinic to be held

Buster McLaury, noted horseman and clinician, will hold a clinic Sept. 16-19 in Red Owl, SD at Brad and Beca Andrew’s place north of Red Owl. The clinic will offer colt starting, horsemanship and ranch roping classes.

McLaury travels to South Dakota many times bringing a fresh perspective to the relationship between a person and their horse. Riders in the colt starting and horsemanship are often repeat participants learning new and better ways of working with their horses. Those who have been at McLaury’s clinics before come away refreshed and with a better grasp of the human/horse relationship.

The clinic will take place in the heart of big, open ranching country on the Andrews Ranch. Brad and Beca Andrews facilities are practical and safe, as Brad starts colts and rides horses for a living. He is a student of McLaury’s and traveled with him several years before getting married and going on his own.

McLaury and his wife, Sheryl, conduct clinics all over the nation. Born and raised on the historic Four Sixes (6666) ranch in Guthrie, TX, McLaury has cowboyed his entire life. A visit to the 6666 ranch by the great horseman, Ray Hunt, changed McLaury’s whole perspective on “breaking” horses in the early 1980s. Hunt’s ideas and ability impressed McLaury, which led to him wanting to help other people learn as well.

For over a decade Buster and Sheryl have traveled, conducting clinics to help people work with their horses more effectively, thereby improving life for the horse. McLaury is a true cowboy and horseman and is able to relate what he means clearly to all levels of riders. His many years working as a cowboy on big ranches gave him the experience to relate to real life situations that can come up with a horse.

Besides clinics, McLaury also starts colts for many ranches and breeding farms every year. His extensive experience with horses of varied types and dispositions gives him insight into how to approach the horse as an individual and work through any problems that arise.

McLaury is a humble man and keeps a fairly low profile. He doesn’t seek the spotlight for himself; he’s simply strives to help people and horses have a better relationship. He welcomes questions and explains things in a way that is easy to apply.

For more information about the clinic, contact Brad Andrews at 605-985-5493. To learn more about Buster McLaury, visit to http://www.bustermclaury.com.

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