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C4 Fabrication offers custom creations

Rupp builds bumpers, roll cages and many other metal items in his Piedmont, S.D., shop. Courtesy photos

C4 Fabrication offers automotive and residential welding including:

Complete 4 by 4 builds


Roll cages

Roof racks

CNC plasma cutting services

Hand railings

Ornamental iron

General fabrication

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All it takes is the right amount of heat in the right place and a heavy chunk of iron can become attractive and useful.

Caleb Rupp of C4 Fabrication has enjoyed creating custom metal products for as long as he can remember. “It started when I worked for my dad Charlie, he owned an off road shop. I started doing welding and building custom stuff for trucks,” Rupp said.

Rupp, Piedmont, S.D., said he’s lived in the Black Hills area for his entire life. He named his business using his first initial, and the number 4 to represent the four-wheel vehicles he most often works on.

After attending WyoTech in Laramie for automotive technology and chassis fabrication, Rupp returned to the Black Hills area and worked for different custom metalworkers before striking out on his own about two years ago.

“I’ve always done projects on the side like building vehicles, doing things like that along the way. I just started getting enough work that I wanted to go out and do it on my own,” he said.

So far, the pieces that go out of Rupp’s shop are all built to order. Much of the custom vehicle creations are done to make vehicles more off-road-friendly. “I do full custom suspension builds, roll cages, all that stuff that goes along with it basically so you can take pickups, jeeps or SUVs out and use them on the trails or hills. I customize vehicles so you can take them out and do some real rock climbing or drive them to another state and take them out to the desert and drive fast. Whatever the customer wants.”

The next goal for the small business owner is to add a line of steel bumpers that he could keep on hand for drop-in or online customers. He believes this will give him the opportunity to possibly add an employee or two.

“It is easier to get employees when you’ve got some repetition and consistency like some production line-ups for bumpers,” he said.

“Obviously I am a very small business at this point but I’m hoping to keep growing.”

C4 Fabrication currently offers a number of made-to-order items and the website includes over 30 good photographs of the varied products available.

For more information call Caleb at 605-415-5300 or go to http://www.c4fabrication.com/. F

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