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Calving Pens

Megan Silveira
for Tri-State Livestock News
Sioux Steel

Calving season is arguably one of the most important times in a cattle rancher’s production year. Labor from the past finally pays off as young calves begin to appear out in the pasture. With these new additions, however, comes new work necessary to ensure the health of the future generation of livestock.

Despite the best breeding and feeding plans, the occasional (hopefully) cow or heifer will need help. A variety of calving pens are available to ranchers, but it can be difficult to navigate the plethora of equipment available. This article can serve as a guide to a few options of calving pens currently out on the market.

Powder River Calving/Health Pen

This pen is designed to fulfill a variety of needs for the cattle rancher. For the price of $4,799.95, ranchers can gain a pen suitable for calving, doctoring, containment and other functions. The 10’ x 10’ pen comes with a self-catch head gate, side gate with a split squeeze panel, side gate with sure-latch closure, side roll-gate entrance and center split squeeze panel. This pen was designed with the single rancher in mind – it can be operated by one person. The pen’s design also allows for smooth, quick release of animals and is fully adjustable. The equipment is constructed from 1 ½” 14-guage square steel tubing with a powder coat finish. If ordered, plan for approximately 21 days for shipping.

Sioux Gold Quality Calving Pen Care Center

Labeled as the “most user-friendly calving pen on the market,” the Sioux Steel calving pen was made to fit into nearly any facility. You can build the setup you need with this modular pen by utilizing the easy assembly connector clips instead of nuts and bolts. Sections of paneling can easily be added or removed when needed. All sides possess an in-and-out swing gate and latch for access from any direction. This equipment is made from heavy-duty, miter cut corner members; 4×4 weld architecture; and 50,000 psi, 16-guage, high-tensile steel tubing. Ratchet latches help assure control of animals of all temperaments and squeeze gates to be tightened in increments. Quick release is also achieved with the use of overhead rope. The squeeze gate is multi-use, as it can be tightens against the outside panel to help hold animals secure or converted into a 10’x10’ pen for treating sick or injured animals. A quarter of the panels can also be flipped upwards and locked to provide an open area outside of the pen. This calving pen can be purchased for the price $3,249.00.

Winkel Calving Pen

From Wertzberger Ranch Equipment, this calving pen is the complete package for $3,455.00. Coming with a 10’x12’ vertical bar, 34”x144” calving chute, 12’ and 10’ corral panels, 10’x4’ gate panel, self-catching head gate and rubber floor mat. If that was not enough, hooks and latches on the paneling allow ranchers to create 12’x10’ pens on each side of the calving chute if they please. To create even greater levels of ease for the cattleman, the vertical bars on the chute can be removed for easier access to the livestock for needs such as milking and veterinary work. In addition to assistance for the rancher, this company’s calving equipment also takes into consideration the safety of the cattle. A 7’ rubber mat is located behind the head gate to assure sure footing for animals moving in and out of the equipment.

Vern’s Calving Pen

The next calving pen comes at the price of $3,325.00 and is advertised at promoting a “safer and smoother operation.” This equipment comes with a ¼ circle calving pen, 8’ auto latch gate, self-catching sweep gate and head gate, split nursing panel, and rear gate. The pieces are designed to ease rancher’s work and prevent animals from turning around while being moved through the chute. All gates can be opened or closed to help move animals through the chute by the rancher.

ArrowQuip Calving Pen

This 110” wide x 81” high x 139” long pen is built to help maximize safety and help increase control of animals. Coming arranged in a circular pattern, this pen allows for animals to be led safely into the head gate with the help of the sweep. The sweep gate features lock-out points to prevent animals from backing out or pushing back. Top and bottom doors are located on both sides of the pen and can be individually locked. A back gate provides space for ranchers to doctor cattle or pulls calves. A self-catch head gate is designed to create a space for cow-calf pairs to recuperate after a procedure where the rancher can still closely monitor them. This particular pen is advertised as giving the rancher a greater ability to control animals while still minimizing stress and risk. Financing options are also available to help pay for this calving facility. F