Cargill sponsors NILE Merit Heifer Progeny Pen Parade |

Cargill sponsors NILE Merit Heifer Progeny Pen Parade

The third annual NILE Merit Heifer Progeny Pen Parade, presented by Cargill is Friday, Oct. 16 at the Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE).

The Progeny Pen Parade was developed so past NILE Merit Heifer recipients could showcase the breeding program they have developed since completion of the NILE Merit Heifer Program. Each previous winner can bring back their original Merit Heifer along with their progeny.

Cash prizes of $2,500 are up for grabs and recipients from the very first class of 2003 through the class of 2014 are eligible for the 2015 Progeny Pen Parade. Each exhibitor will be asked to present their project and will be judged by a panel of judges in three main areas: exhibitor presentation and ring presence, presentation of cattle, and phenotype of cattle.

“The Progeny Pen Parade is a unique way for youth to showcase their animals,” said Jennifer Boka, NILE General Manager, “It allows past participants of the NILE Merit Heifer program the opportunity to explain their breeding philosophy. This is a program that truly makes a lasting impression in kids’ lives.”

“When the NILE approached Cargill about sponsoring the Merit Heifer program, we were honored to participate,” said Rachel Klein, Cargill Retail Account Representative, who will be assisting with the event.

Each exhibitor is given $100 worth of Cargill cattle feed or mineral, a soft shell vest and the opportunity to win $2,500 prize money – all donated by Cargill. “The NILE Merit Heifer program and Progeny Pen Parade exemplify the values of Cargill,” added Klein, “Our goal at Cargill is to be the global leader in nourishing people, and that vision comes to life through the NILE Merit Heifer Progeny Pen Parade.”


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