Casper judging team continues successful season |

Casper judging team continues successful season

The Casper College Livestock Judging team continues its successful year with wins at the Sioux Empire Farm Show. Both sophomore teams, black and red, and a freshman team competed at the event, with all three teams placing.

In sheep, Cade Christensen, Peyton, Colo., was sixth; Bailey Skinner, Johnstown, Colo. placed third; and B.W. Ochsner, Torrington, Wyo., placed second. The red team took second and the black team took first in sheep.

The black team took third in swine.

In beef, Katie Dodge, Spring Creek, Nev., was ninth, Ochsner third and Christensen first. The red team took fourth overall in cattle, while the black team won the cattle division.

In reasons Skinner was sixth, Christensen fifth and Ochsner took fourth. In overall reasons the red team placed fourth while the black team took second. Individual overall winners included Sierra Crisp, Emmett, Idaho, received tenth overall, Christensen placed fifth and Ochsner took first. “I’ve won a lot of other contests but it feels great to finally win a collegiate judging contest. And helping the team be just as competitive is really big for me,” said Ochsner.

Overall, the black team took home a first place finish, with the red team in at fourth place.

The freshman team also had a number of wins. In sheep Jeananne Mosher, Olathe, Colo., was eighth overall; Sadie Yates, Bayfield, Colo., took fifth; and the freshman team ending up fourth overall in sheep.

Freshman Ty Carpenter, Mountain View, Wyo., had a good day in swine with a fifth place finish. He also placed sixth in cattle and was sixth high individual overall. The freshman team took fifth in cattle.

In reasons Luke Fuerniss, Loveland, Colo., was seventh overall. And, thanks to Carpenter, the freshman team placed sixth overall.

“Taking freshmen to this contest was a big stepping-stone in setting up the foundation to continue the tradition of success at Casper College. These up-and-coming freshmen showed a lot of talent and dedication, and I’m excited to see what they can all do in the future,” said Jeremy Burkett, head coach.