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TB update:more herds being tested

Testing continues on the Tripp County, South Dakota cattle herd with Bovine tuberculosis.

The genetic analysis of the M. bovis bacteria recovered from the index cow indicates that it is a novel strain that has not previously been identified in the U.S., said South Dakota state veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven. He also said that it is not the same strain as was discovered in a Harding County, South Dakota herd earlier this year.

“The source of the TB has not been identified in this case,” he said, explaining that it appears that the strain has ancestral “cousins” in Mexico.

State and federal animal health officials initiated testing on herds adjacent to the TB infected herd in Tripp County over a week ago. Five herds have completed testing with no significant findings at this time, while five other herds are either in the testing process or will be soon, said Oedekoven.

As of Wednesday, 2,935 head of cattle had been tested. The South Dakota Animal Industry board hopes to complete testing on adjacent herds by the first of the year.

Records and cattle sold from the infected herd are being traced out. This mostly amounts to feeder cattle which are rarely found to be infected with the slow-growing chronic disease.

According to Oedekoven, very few animals have entered the herd from outside sources in recent years, but the states of origin of those few have been contacted.

A feedlot containing cattle originating from the infected herd is under quarantine, as is the infected herd. No other herds are quarantined at this time.

–Staff report

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