Cattle shootings continue; reward fund built |

Cattle shootings continue; reward fund built

As of Oct. 10, 2014 Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, Farm Bureau, Department of Agriculture, ranchers affected over the past three years, businesses, and concerned citizens have continued to build a reward fund now totaling $8,850 for the arrest and an additional $10,365 for the conviction of the person(s) who maliciously shot livestock in the Suzie Creek area of Nevada in mid-September, the Martin Basin area end of summer and the Wells area within the last week. Some cattle were shot within the past two days.

Of the 26 head reported shot, five animals were killed, two of those in the Martin Basin were literally dropped, dead in their tracks.

Of six shot near Wells, two of those six are near death. Of the 19 cattle not killed outright most were gut-shot survivors suffering open abdominal wounds, some with intestines left hanging out of their bellies.

The reward fund will be open and held in trust until paid out for arrest and conviction of the criminals who at this writing remain at large. Contributors may contact the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association in Elko at 738-9214 which is holding the reward funds in trust.

Sheriffs’ offices in Lander, Humboldt and Elko Counties, plus Department of Agriculture Brand Inspection Division, continue to investigate. Any and everyone from the general public, hunters, outdoor recreationalists, bird watchers, OHV riders – anyone having any information is strongly encouraged to report suspicious activities or other observations which may lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for maiming and killing these animals recently and over the past three years. Please contact the Elko County Sheriff at 775-777-2507 or the Nevada Department of Agriculture Brand Division at 775-738-8076.

–Nevada Cattlemen’s Association

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