Cattle team to host demos at DakotaFest once again |

Cattle team to host demos at DakotaFest once again

Vet's Voice

This year the “Cattle Team” will again host the Livestock Demo Tent on the Southwest corner of the Dakota Fest grounds. We will again officiate the “Battle of the Chutes.” The crews representing the manufacturer of each chute will demonstrate the highlights of their chute on some wild South Dakota calves. The action will become intense and after the demo you will be able to operate any chute you like.

We will also have representatives from our suppliers, pharmaceutical and vaccine companies. The list gets better every year:

• Agri Labs

• Zoetis

• Elanco – Novaritis

• Boehinger Ingelheim – Merial

• Fifer’s

• Multimin

• Z-tags – data mar

• Richey Tags

• Cambridge Tech


• Callicrate Bands

• Newport Labs

They will all be represented with a booth available to answer any questions you may have.

This year we will have the popular “Dinner with Doc” daily at noon. After the morning chute demo we will reassemble at noon. I will take orders for a steak sandwich meal for anyone on the bleachers. We will bring you a fresh steak sandwich while you listen to a variety of speakers present five to ten-minute programs on new products, new technologies, and hot topics in the beef industry. I know there is a lot to see at Dakota Fest so the meeting will last one hour, max. Why not sit in the shade and enjoy a meal rather than spend the hour standing in line in the sun waiting for your meal. This summer we have been plagued by a severe drought. We will have topic to help you stretch your feed enabling you to maintain your nucleus herd.


• Nitrates

o Problems and testing

• Using energy to form least cost rations

• BQA update

SDSU Extension

• Trace Minerals and Immunity


• Early Weaning

o Intranasal vs injectable


• Live vs killed (Solidose)

o Autogenous Vaccines

Cambridge Newport

• Use of Growth Implants


• Improved Animal Identification

Richey Z tags

• Parasite Control

o Oral, injectable, P/O


• Fly Circus

o Resistance and New Products

MWI/Bayer/ Agri Labs

The Livestock Demo Tent will be the gathering spot for all livestock producers during Dakota Fest. Not only can you stop by for your Dakota Fest Apple, but now you can enjoy the shade of the tent as you learn of the newest products and technologies while enjoying your lunch.

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