Cattlemen’s seminar to showcase progress in multi-breed genetic evaluation |

Cattlemen’s seminar to showcase progress in multi-breed genetic evaluation

Manhattan, Kansas – Ranchers looking to make an informed genetic selection across multiple breeds will want to mark June 14, 2016, on the calendar and attend the Cattlemen’s Seminar hosted by International Genetic Solutions. The session will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Manhattan, Kansas, at 10:30 a.m. The meeting is scheduled ahead of the official Beef Improvement Federation meeting.

Cattlemen will hear about the latest development of BOLT, the technology being developed to greatly enhance and leverage the availability of genomic information, and ultimately accelerate the rate of genetic improvement. Dr. Bruce Golden, one of the developers of the technology, will explain the development and the benefit of this innovative evaluation system, which is expected to come online this summer.

A panel of renowned cattlemen and industry leaders including, Donnell Brown, R.A. Brown Ranch; Tracy Brunner, NCBA president, Cow Camp Ranch; Steve Munger, Eagle Pass Ranch and Chip Ramsay, Rex Ranches, will share how using this technology and multi-breed evaluation data has helped improve their breeding programs and overall cowherd performance.

This project has also resulted in historic collaboration between breeds that has never before been seen in the beef industry. The session attendees will also have the privilege of hearing from association leadership including Tom Brink, Red Angus Association of America; Bruce Holmquist, Canadian Simmental Association; Dr. Wade Shafer, American Simmental Association and Montie Soules, American Shorthorn Association, about the importance of utilizing this groundbreaking technology for genetic improvement.

All cattlemen, including commercial and seedstock producers alike, are invited to attend this two-hour session to learn more about this innovative, groundbreaking development. There is no charge for this session.

IGS is a collaboration of 12 progressive breed associations that have put the needs of the commercial cattle producer first by creating an unprecedented multi-breed genetic evaluation. With over 16 million total animals and 340,000-plus new animals being added annually, IGS has the largest beef genetic evaluation system in the world.

If cattlemen have additional questions about this session, please contact Chip Kemp, American Simmental Association, at 406-587-4531 or email

–American Simmental Association

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