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Central Dakota Bull Day to be held Jan. 24

Cattlemen attending the 2009 Central Dakota Bull Day Jan. 24th in Bismarck, ND will learn more about North Dakota Natural Beef. Kristen Knudtson, the Director of Procurement for the value-added venture, will be the featured speaker.

North Dakota Natural Beef was formed after the legislature appropriated money so that North Dakota State University could start a Beef Systems Center of Excellence. The Center would then partner with a private company in a beef research, education and business venture. That company, North Dakota Natural Beef, is now harvesting animals at New Rockford, processing the beef at a new facility in Fargo, and selling it across the region.

The popular Bull Day event will feature 40 pens of bulls which will be on display from 10 a.m. until noon at Farmers Livestock Auction. Following noon lunch and Knudtson’s talk, the bulls will be paraded through the auction ring, at which time information will be given about each breeder’s production and marketing program.

Sponsored by area cattlemen and supported by area businesses, the Central Dakota Bull Day gives seedstock producers the opportunity to display their animals to a large number of potential buyers at one location on one day. At the same time, it affords commercial cattlemen a chance to view cattle from a variety of breeds and breeding programs.


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