Certified Hereford Beef and National Beef Packing Sign Value-Added Program Agreement

Certified Hereford Beef (CHB®) LLC and National Beef Packing recently signed an updated packer and process agreement for National Beef’s CHB value-added line of product.

“National Beef has been a great partner with CHB since 2008 and this agreement will strengthen the partnership,” says Jack Ward, American Hereford Association (AHA) executive vice president.

“This agreement will give CHB the ability to approach existing and new retail and food service customers with a value-added program that will give access to quality ground beef, cut steaks and a variety of other products.”

National Beef Vice President of Value Added, Tom Klein, says since the inception of their partnership with CHB in 2003, National Beef has focused on growing business and the CHB brand primarily through boxed beef.

“As both consumer preferences and the competitive environment change over time, so must our focus,” Klein says.

“It is with great anticipation that we embark on a new chapter in the partnership between National Beef and Certified Hereford Beef; one which will place greater emphasis on developing new consumer-ready items to complement our boxed beef offerings. These items will offer more convenience and flexibility to our loyal customers, giving them more firepower to compete in the marketplace.”

National Beef CHB Business Manager, Wes Steimel, says the Retail Ready line of CHB will allow retail customers to expand their product offering, while saving labor and reducing shrink.

“We at National Beef pride ourselves in being an industry leader in innovation, providing customers with products that bring value to their business and offer solutions to many of the struggles they face in this very competitive environment,” Steimel says.

Ward says this was a significant day for CHB LLC. “We continue to grow and create demand for high-quality, tender beef supplied by cattlemen that understand the value of adding Hereford genetics to the U.S. cow herd.”

CHB and the AHA work together with more than 7,000 family ranchers from across the USA to produce a healthy, wholesome and nutritious product. The Hereford breed was bred for taste and tenderness for royalty more than 350 years ago, and it is the second largest breed organization in the country today. The heritage is strong, and the story is true, that’s why Certified Hereford Beef is Excellence Built by Tradition.

–American Hereford Association