Changes to the NILE Club Calf show/sale |

Changes to the NILE Club Calf show/sale

Here’s what you need to know:

A few new changes will be put into place in 2019 for the NILE Club Calf Show and Sale. Please read below for a detailed outline of what exhibitors need to know:

Club Calf Show & Sale:

Entries will only be accepted online.


Show Time: Monday, October 14th at 1 p.m.

Sale Time: Tuesday, October 15th at 2 p.m.

Entry Limitations: Entries will be limited, based upon space.

Exhibitors are allowed to enter 4 steers and 4 heifers

125 Steers will be allowed to enter

90 Steers will sell (Based upon judges’ placement)

60 Heifers will be allowed to enter

40 Heifers will sell (Based upon judges’ placement)

Entry Fees:

$50/calf entered

$50/pen of 3 entry (Pen of 3 must be made up of calves shown in show)

What’s New?

We have implemented a sifting judge – classes will be placed by our contracted show judge; the sifting judge will determine which animals will sell or not. Animals that are sifted will need to be removed from the barn prior to the sale preview.

Entries in 2019, will affect entries in 2020:

Should a consignor enter the maximum of 4 steers and 4 heifers and show up to check-in on October 13 with 2 steers and 2 heifers – the consignor will be limited to enter 2 steers and 2 heifers in 2020. Should a consignor enter 4 steers and scratch prior to the show or not show up in October they will not be eligible to enter this division in 2020. This will be a ‘one year probationary period’ – example: 2019 entries will affect 2020, 2020 entries will affect 2021, etc..

NEW – Club Calf Jackpot being offered!

Steers and heifers sold through the Club Calf Sale are eligible to be shown in a jackpot by youth ages 8-21 years of age.

Scheduled for Wednesday, October 16th

Entries will be taken at the time of settlement after the Club Calf Sale

NILE will offer a “Club Calf Consignor of the Day” on Facebook beginning on October 1st – October 13th.

To take part, email pictures of sale calves to with a

short write up no later than September 24th.

Please refer to the NILE Exhibitor Premium Book for further rules and regulations for all divisions. Premium Books will be available soon – look for yours in mailboxes soon or online at!



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