Chutes for Charity Progressive Bingo draws large crowds

Progressive Pot Reaches $574

Chutes for Charity’s Progressive Bingo seems to be a hit with the community. The charitable organization has held three bingo nights so far, held at the Branding Iron Social Club in Belle Fourche, and already the progressive game’s award is at $574.

The latest Progressive Bingo was Tuesday, February 5. The next one is Tuesday, February 19, then March 7 and 21, which are both Thursdays.

Barb Williamson of Belle Fourche, Chutes for Charity president, explained that the bingo nights include four Bingo games with cash prizes. A set of four bingo cards is $5 and players can buy as many sets as they desire. Chutes for Charity gets half of the card sales for its charitable programs. The remaining half goes into the award pot. Half the pot is divided evenly among winners of the three regular bingo games and the remainder of the pot goes for the progressive game.

The progressive game is a blackout but with only a limited number of calls. The first night had 47 numbers called with no blackout. The second night, 48 numbers were called and no winner. The third night was the same story: 49 numbers but no winner. If no one has a blackout, the progressive pot is carried over to the next bingo night. One additional number is drawn each night of bingo until there is a winner.

All cards must be purchased between 6pm and 7pm. No cards will be sold after this time. Door prizes will also be given away throughout the night. Players are reminded that cash or checks are accepted but no debit or credit cards.

To stay current on Chutes for Charity Progressive Bingo and other events, be sure to like its Facebook page. If you know someone in need, obtain an application at, sending a message on the Facebook page, or calling 605-641-0473.

In 2010, the Black Hills Roundup established Chutes for Charity. This non-profit extension of the Black Hills Roundup helps local families face unexpected emergencies. One hundred percent of the funds profited go directly to the chosen recipients, who live in the local area. Chutes for Charity has helped more than 170 families in the Northern Hills when they needed it the most. Donations have exceeded $200,000. The all-volunteer group does a variety of fundraisers, including a popular Holiday Tour of Homes.

–Chutes for Charity