Claim Your Steak with South Dakota Beef

Pierre, SD – The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) is excited to announce their latest “Claim Your Steak” campaign. June is National Steak Month and what better way to show our appreciation for South Dakota Beef Farmers and Ranchers and South Dakota Steakhouses than to highlight some of South Dakota’s favorites Steakhouses during National Steak Month.

The Claim Your Steak campaign will give South Dakotans the opportunity to nominate their favorite South Dakota Steakhouse for the top steakhouses chance to be featured by the SDBIC throughout the Summer of 2022, as well as giving several consumers the opportunity to win Beef Bucks and Beef Swag on our social media pages. The SDBIC recognizes the importance of our South Dakota Steakhouses and restaurants as well as the work they do in preparing such a high-quality protein for consumers.

Suzy Geppert, SDBIC Executive Director is excited about the campaign. “We have entered tourist season in South Dakota and we want to continue to provide a roadmap for those traveling the state as we highlight beef. Our restaurants play a huge role in promoting our product and in keeping our rural communities thriving, so we want to continue highlighting them and the work they do in supporting our nearly 14,000 beef farms and ranches found all across South Dakota.”

You can nominate your favorite South Dakota Steakhouse or restaurant and tell us more about why they should be chosen to be featured by the SDBIC team as part of their Travel SD Summer Beef Campaign.

Whether it’s backyard grilling, camping or community get togethers, the SDBIC encourages you to Claim Your Steak with South Dakota Beef this summer. Learn more by following along on the SDBIC Facebook page at @SDBeef to nominate your favorite South Dakota steakhouse or restaurant and to see more opportunities on how you can also win Beef Bucks, Beef Certificates and more as we celebrate National Steak Month!

South Dakota Steakhouse “Claim Your Steak” nominates are due by June 29, 2022.

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council works on behalf of South Dakota beef producers through the $1 Beef Checkoff program.

For more information on Beef Checkoff and statewide efforts visit and or contact Suzy Geppert at

–South Dakota Beef Industry Council

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