Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy given prison release, Cliven declines. Trial continues

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November 29, 2017 – The Bundy Ranch Facebook page and Fox5 Vegas reported today that Judge Gloria Navarro has granted pretrial release to Cliven Bundy and Ammon Bundy.

The Bundy Ranch made the following comment on its Facebook page: “This does NOT mean the trial is over. The Court Order allows Cliven and Ammon Bundy the right to go to a court approved ‘home’ during the pendency of their trial.”

According to the Bundy Ranch Facebook page, Cliven declined the release and will remain incarcerated.

Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy are on trial in U.S. District Court for their role in the “Bunkerville Standoff” wherein the BLM gathered Bundy cattle with the intention of selling the cattle.

Opening statements began Nov. 14.

While all 3 men have been in prison for nearly two years without bond, Ryan was released from prison earlier this month but remains on trial for conspiracy, extortion and more.

Bryan Hyde who has been providing video updates from Las Vegas on the Facebook page Who’s Next, said Judge Gloria Navarro declared a “sealed session” this morning and dismissed everyone but the defendants, their counsel and the prosecution. “What we are understanding is that the information that came forward during that hearing is likely what precipitated this reversal on the part of judge Gloria Navarro. Just 10 days ago she was saying that Cliven and Ammon were too dangerous.” Hyde said that in the hearing, the issue of the government prosecutors possibly withholding evidence was discussed, which may have precipitated the pretrial release of the Bundy men.

Hyde also said there are rumors that co-defendant Ryan Payne may be released soon.

Hyde went on to describe the high level of security that has surrounded Cliven throughout the trial. “When they move him from the courthouse to the detention center, it’s a five or six car caravan with lights, and a helicopter overhead. It’s a big show of security as if these are very dangerous men.”

The trial continues tomorrow and is expected to go on for several months.

Editor’s note – this story was updated Nov. 30.

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