Clyde Bolejack Ropes Everything that Moves |

Clyde Bolejack Ropes Everything that Moves

Eleven-year-old Clyde Bolejack, Elbert, CO, hopes to win more saddles and buckles and to make it to the WNFR in team roping and calf roping. Photo courtesy Bolejack family

Age: 11 years old

Family: parents-Diamond and Paula Bolejack, sister-Shawna, brother-Caleb

Hometown: Elbert, CO

School: Elbert Elementary

Rodeo events: Team roping, Break a way, goat tying, and ribbon roping

What is your future in the sport of rodeo? Where would you like to see it go? I would like to rodeo as long as I can and train good rope horses

What is your ultimate goal as you continue competing in rodeos? To win more saddles, money and buckles and to make it to the WNFR in team roping and calf roping

Favorite aspect of rodeo: You get to see all your friends that you don’t get to see every day and how everyone helps each other

Best rodeo memory: Winning the World with Hope Anderson in Ribbon Roping. I only went to 8 rodeos last year, so that was pretty special to win the World

Notable achievements in the sport: Winning the World in Ribbon roping with Hope. When I was 9 years old and again at 11 years old, my mom and I won an open family team roping. When I was 10, I won an open team roping in Castle Rock. This past summer I won 2 different 9 point ropings. I have won 4 saddles in LBYA and 1 World saddle in NLBYA and over 25 buckles-so far.

Tell us about your horse(s): I have 2 main horses that I ride, Stormy and Sue. Bars Desert Storm “Stormy” is out of Sonny Dee Bar and a Positivity Peppy mare. She is a 19 year old Sorrel. My mom started her and was heading on her and my brother needed a heel horse so he made her into his heel horse. Now she is mine and I heel and tie goats on her. When she was a yearling, she came in from the pasture with her face cut from her eyes to her nostrils. She only has a little scar on her face now. Almost every time I put her in the trailer, she has to go to the bathroom, no matter how long she is tied at the trailer. She is mean to all the other horses, goats, cattle, and when you tighten her back cinch, she will kick at you. But, she is good at her job! When my brother was younger, he made it to the Finals in Team Roping on her.

My other horse, This Bugs a Bully, “Sue” is out of Bully Bullion and a Bugs Alive in 75 Mare. He is also 19 years old. My parents bought him from Chuck and Kristie Peterson (Kristie’s mom-Sue Marshall picked him out and he was named after her) as a 3 year old. My dad trained him to be a rope horse. My brother and Clint Lay trained him to be a calf horse. You can head, heel, break a way, tie down, run poles, flags and we ranch on him, just don’t run barrels on him or he will buck :). Sue colicked once and my parents didn’t think that he would make it. He had to stay at the vet’s office for 2 days. When we are at home, we can only put him with my mom’s mare because he is so mean to all the other horses that he hurts himself trying to hurt them. But like Stormy, he is good at his jobs. My brother tie down roped on Sue at the Finals and I won the World on him in the Ribbon Roping in 2012.

Have you attended any rodeo schools? If so, which ones? No, my parents and good friends have helped me

Role models/mentors: My parents, Travis Tryan and Tuf Cooper.

What do you like to do when you’re not competing? I like to play basketball and rope my goats, I rope anything that moves. We live on a ranch, I run my own cows along with my parents and grandparents, so there is always something to do.

What’s on playing on your iPod/radio? I like classic rock and country music.

I would also like to thank my sponsors, Decky Spiller-Silver Spur Ranches, Scott Orcutt-Over the Mountain Black Cattle, Thomas McMannus-High Plains Cattle Supply, and Steve Miller-Montana Silversmiths. without their help I could not rodeo like I do.