CO Cattlemen honor outstanding producers

During Colorado Cattlemen’s Association’s (CCA) Foundation Recognition Banquet held on Jan. 22. CCA recognized both the Outstanding Commercial Producer of the Year and the Outstanding Seedstock Producer of the Year for 2012.

The 2012 Colorado Cattlemen’s Association’s Outstanding Commercial Producer of the Year Award went to Mike and Julie Livingston of the Livingston Ranch, to commemorate their work in educational outreach opportunities with Colorado State University (CSU). In order to improve the quality of their herd, they implemented an Artificial Insemination program and reached out to work with CSU students to enhance and streamline their process. Their efforts have resulted in lower stress handling of livestock, and increased docility. The Livingstons also designed their own cattle working facility, and increase sustainability by utilizing enhanced grazing practices, which benefit both their cattle and the natural wildlife. This focus has also extended to mentoring students as part of the Ranching and Wildlife Program, and resulted in them receiving the 2010 Burlington Conservation District Cooperator of the Year Award. Their tireless efforts to improve their own cattle herd and to protect the land around them only confirms their place as CCA’s 2012 Outstanding Commercial Producer of the Year.

The Danciger Tybar Ranch was chosen as CCA’s 2012 Outstanding Seedstock Producer of the Year for their contribution to developing the next step in using technology and modern practices to prevent brisket disease and improve Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) evaluation in cattle. After moving their Angus operation from Dallas, TX, and starting the Tybar Angus Ranch just outside Carbondale, CO, David and Emma Danciger realized the complications that high elevation had on cattle. In 1984, they worked with CSU to collect some of the first PAP scores, in order to combat brisket disease. Over the years, they improved their breeding system, and collaborated with CSU to create the first web-based collection program to help registered and commercial customers make new seedstock selections. With nearly 30 years of research and evaluation, they receive many calls and visits from customers and breeders interested in preventing brisket disease in the Angus breed. The Danciger Tybar Angus Ranch’s work in combatting brisket disease and improving PAP evaluation in cattle has significant value in the future of the beef industry, and is well deserving of the 2012 Outstanding Seedstock Producer of the Year. F

–CO Cattlemen’s Association