Coal Springs wagon train/trail ride slated for September |

Coal Springs wagon train/trail ride slated for September

The Coal Springs Wagon/Trail Ride is pleased to announce the authorization of the ride from Morristown, SD to the Coal Springs Thrashing Site, Sept. 19-24.

Trail riders and teams will assemble on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 19 at George Burns (222 Ave., turn south on Hwy. 12 between mile marker 115 and 116 and go one-half mile south). Those interested can come Monday morning, but vehicles begin departing at 7 a.m. with the wagon train leaving at 9 a.m.

The riders will transit for five days (Sept. 20-24) arriving at the Coal Springs Thrashing site for supper on Friday, Sept. 24. A supper will be provided the night before departure (Sept. 19,) at 6 p.m. at the Watauga Dakota Countryside Inn for a small donation.

Wagon Master for the event is Gerald Miles.

The itinerary is as follow:

Day 1: Travel approximately 14 miles to the Foss Rest Stop Antelope Stage Station and camp.

Day 2: Travel approximately 12 miles to the Charles Clark Ranch and the Grand River. Camp will be at the Black Horse Stage Station.

Day 3: Cross the Grand River and travel approximately 13 miles to the R.J. Shiley place and set up camp for the night.

Day 4: Travel approximately nine miles to the Jens Hansen Ranch and make camp.

Day 5: Travel approximately six miles to the Coal Springs Thrashing site – stopping at the Unique Rock Gardens before arriving at the Thrashing site in the afternoon.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail, but buggies, wagons, stagecoaches, horses, mules, donkeys or oxen are. If those aren’t available, walking boots are welcome, too.

An application is required to participate. Contact E. R. & Shirley Penor, 605-273-4237 or Vicki Walters, 605-374-3341 to learn more. The Coal Springs Wagon/Trail Riders fees is due with the application. The organization reserves the right to deny any and all applications not accompanied with the payment. Please make checks payable to the Coal Springs Wagon Trail Ride. The cost is:

• $100 per applicant;

• $50 per child 12 and under;

• $250 per family.

Each applicant receives a button and must sign a release form. Some entertainment will be provided along the trail, with a supper at the end of the trail.

Any remaining funds after expenses will go towards marking the rest of the Trail from Bismarck to Deadwood.

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