Comment period extended for proposed rule on livestock facility |

Comment period extended for proposed rule on livestock facility

USDA has extended the deadline to submit comments on the Approved Livestock Marketing Facility proposed rule by 30 days. The new deadline is April 2. This is reflected online.

There is a chance we could see the deadline pushed back again. LMA submitted a request asking for an extension of at least 60 days.

This proposed rule makes changes to the regulation and agreement covering approved livestock facilities. USDA also makes a shift in the proposed rule to include some requirements that apply to all livestock marketing facilities regardless of entering into an agreement to become a USDA-approved facility. In addition, the proposed rule makes some clarifications to the Animal Disease Traceability rule.

“Due to the numerous components of the proposed rule and the significance these shifts could have on livestock businesses, we want to be sure we fully engage the livestock market owners, cattle producers, and others who may be affected by this rule,” the LMA wrote in its extension request. “While this process is well underway, an extension would help ensure affected entities are fully aware of the different components of the rule and take advantage of the opportunity to comment.”

More information about the proposed rule can be found on LMA’s website, in the Members Only section, here. LMA is seeking member feedback to guide its response to the proposed rule. The association will also be encouraging members to submit their own comments. Example comments are being created and will be available on the LMA website.

If you have questions about the proposed rule or the extension, contact LMA VP of Government and Industry Affairs Chelsea Good at or 816-305-9540.

–Livestock Marketing Association

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