Connealy Angus Ranch 45th Annual Bull Sale |

Connealy Angus Ranch 45th Annual Bull Sale

Seating was a hot commodity at the 2014 Connealy Angus bull sale.

Connealy Angus Ranch 45th Annual Bull Sale

Whitman, NE

March 22, 2014

101 Older Bulls avg. $9959

361 Yearling Bulls avg. $10,667

462 Total Bulls avg. $10,512

1 Pick of the Cowherd $80,000

Auctioneers: Joe Goggins and Ty Thompson

On a cold, snowy day Connealy Angus held their 45th annual bull sale at the ranch south of Whitman, Neb. Connealy Angus, owned and operated by the Connealy Family; Donnie, Jerry and Sharon, Hannah, Gabriel, and along with Jed and Kara Connealy and an everlasting crew, had a record-setting sale.

Connealy Angus has become the seedstock source for registered and commercial cattleman alike. Buyers appreciate the large selection of AI sired bulls that are available in volume.

Connealy Angus has always been known for the ability to pen all bulls according to sire groups. This allows for buyers to evaluate all bulls with ease and make comparisons for their breeding descions.

Connealy Angus had a large crowd of mostly repeat buyers and several new buyers as well. Connealy Angus has one of the best guarantees in the business and you can buy with confidence knowing that they will stand behind their product.

Bulls sold from coast to coast and Canada. Several top commercial ranches were in attendance and buying in volume. Bulls sold from $3,250 to $100,000, with many selling in prices to fit most ranching operations.

Top Bulls:

Lot 84, Connealy Power Tool, a 1/27/13, son of PA Power Tool 9108, sold to Hoover Angus Farm, Ellston, Iowa, KDS Angus, Lenox, Iowa, and Alta Genetics, Balzac, Alberta, Canada.

Lot 91, Connealy Power Tool 1475, a 1/20/13, son of PA Power Tool 9108, he sold to Mead Farms, Barnett, Mo. and Gerloff Farms, Bland, Mo.

Lot 48, Connealy Capitalist 145L, a 1/21/13, son of Connealy Capitalist 028, he sold to Raven Angus, Colome, S.D. for $57,500.

Lot 127, Connealy Final Solution 140, a 1/10/13, son of Connealy Final Solution, he sold to Vermilion Ranch, Billings, Mont. for $55,000.

Lot 231, Connealy 9M25 026L, a 2/4/13, son of Rito 9M25 of Rita 5F56 Pred, he sold to Hart Farms, Frederick, S.D. for $50,000.

Lot 11, Connealy Ten X 1866, a 1/19/13, son of AAR Ten X 7008 SA, he sold to TC Ranch, Franklin, Neb. for $50,000.

Lot 83, Connealy Power Tool 1467, a 1/17/13, son of PA Power Tool 9108, he sold to Bar R Angus, Sloughhouse, Calif. and Alta Genetics, Balzac, Alberta, Canada for $50,000.

Lot 338, Connealy Earnan 1409, a 1/18/13, son of Connealy Earnan 076E, he sold to Way-View Cattle Co., Hehon, Ohio, Webster Angus, Wodley, Ga., and Select Sires, Plain City, Ohio for $45,000.

Lot 164, Connealy Consensus 1345, a 1/20/13, son of Connealy Consensus, he sold to Bill Dugan, Greeley, Neb. for $42,500.

Lot 65, Connealy Authentic 9375, a 2/1/13, son of EF Authentic 0829, he sold to Flag Ranch, Scottsbluff, Neb. for $42,000.

Lot 88, Connealy Power Tool 1472, a 1/19/13, son of PA Power Tool 3481, he sold to Dikoff Angus Ranch, Onaka, S.D. and Lazy TV Ranch, Selby, SD.. for $40.000.

Lot 293, Connealy Consensus 7229 9594, a 2/2/13, son of Connealy Consensus 7229, he sold to Alta Genetics, Balzac, Alberta, Canada for $40,000.

Lot X, Pick of the Connealy cow herd sold for $80,000 to Richard Ranch, Belfield, N.D.