Connealy Angus donates 2013 Angus Foundation heifer

The Angus Foundation has announced that Connealy Angus, Whitman, NE, will donate the 2013 Angus Foundation Heifer, to sell January 2013 at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.

The Connealys are offering the buyer of the 2013 Angus Foundation Heifer the pick of their entire 2012 spring crop of about 300 elite heifer calves. No heifers from this group will be sold until the buyer has chosen a heifer. Yearling and scan data on the heifers will be available to the buyer in February 2013.

The Connealy family issued this statement about the donation: “We are privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to the endeavors of the Angus Foundation. For more than 30 years, the Foundation has been exemplary in its commitment to funding scholarships and programs for youth, continuing education and research. We are grateful for the wonderful work the Foundation has done that has benefited so many individuals and enhanced our industry so greatly.”

Angus Foundation President Milford Jenkins said, as with all Angus Foundation Heifer donors since the inception of the successful fundraising activity in 1980, the Foundation is thankful to the Connealy family as the 2013 donor.

“I am immeasurably humbled by the Connealy family’s generous donation of the pick of the entire 2012 spring heifer crop,” Jenkins said. “The enviable success and proven track record of this elite Angus seedstock program producing breed-leading sires year in and year out speaks for itself!”

Sires of the Connealy Angus 2012 spring heifer crop include: Connealy Consensus, Connealy Tobin, Connealy Capitalist 028, Connealy Confidence 0100, Connealy Consensus 7229, GDAR Game Day 449, Hoover Dam, Connealy Mentor 7374, Connealy Trustmark, DR Sierra Cut 7404, Connealy Packer 547, EXAR Upshot 0562B, Connealy Broadside 557, Kesslar’s Frontman R001, Connealy Impression, Connealy Impression 582, Connealy Irish, Benfield Substance 8506, Connealy Gold, Connealy Freightliner, Connealy Answer 71, SAV Final Answer 0035, Coleman Regis 904, Connealy Stimulus 8419, Connealy Contrast, Connealy Concrete, Connealy In Focus 4925, Connealy Final Product, Styles Upgrade J59, SAV Pioneer 7301 and Hoover Headliner J32.

The sale of the Angus Foundation Heifer supports the Angus Foundation, the not-for-profit affiliate of the American Angus Association that funds and supports programs involving education, youth and research in the Angus breed and agricultural industry.

For more information about the Angus Foundation Heifer, contact Jenkins at 816-383-5100.F

– American Angus Association