Country worship services near Meadow, SD |

Country worship services near Meadow, SD

Event organizers invite everyone to the Annual Ranchers Camp Meeting to be held July 27-28, 2013, near Meadow, S.D.

Ranchers Camp Meeting President Les Longwood is pleased to announce that Pastor Michael Brandt from Rapid City, S.D., will be the featured speaker for the non-denominational event.

“Pastor Brandt has taken part in this before and we received a great response from all of the folks who heard him speak. His message is heartfelt and he connects really well with folks from this area,” the rural Lemmon, S.D., rancher said.

He added that the family event is open to the public and that the planning committee welcomes all ages and all denominations to worship with them.

According to Longwood, worship music will be led by Grace Baptist Church of Bison. He also encouraged everyone to join the fun and fellowship along with worship and reflection. “If someone doesn’t have a dish to share for the potluck, I hope they won’t be afraid to come anyway. There is always plenty of food along with great conversation!”

Longwood also pointed out that the Sunday worship time has changed from years past. “We decided to try an evening worship time in hopes that more people will be able to fit it into their schedules, plus that way we hopefully won’t interfere with any regular church services.”

Vice President Stan Brixey, Prairie City, S.D., and Secretary/Treasurer Pat Clark, Meadow, S.D., join Longwood in extending a warm “Ranchers Camp Meeting” welcome to everyone.

All events will be held at the Darrell Lyon campground located 6.5 miles east and one-half mile north of the south junction of South Dakota Highways 73 and 20.

–Ranchers Camp Meeting

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