County by County event in Opal, South Dakota, June 21 |

County by County event in Opal, South Dakota, June 21

Everyone is welcome to hear Steve Friskup of Muleshoe, Texas speak at the Opal Hall, June 21, 2021, at 5:30 pm. The evening will kick off with a free barbecue followed “Coffee with the Colonel” Steve Friskup who will share a patriotic message. Opal Hall is in rural Meade County, South Dakota.

For years, Friskup has put on four catalog horse sales per year in Clovis, New Mexico and also worked as a minister. In part due to COVID lockdowns, he has now moved the horse sales to Leveland, Texas.

Recently Friskup began posting “Coffee with the Colonel” morning devotions on Facebook. He said he began sharing those brief morning messages to help people “Figure out how to survive and how the church will survive” during COVID.

“I’ve always been a patriot and I’ve been a minister for a long time. I’ve always been real involved in our nation’s affairs,” he said.

He was inspired to get even more involved after a trip to Washington, DC, a few years ago. “That really lit a fire in me, so by the leading of the Lord, I ended up going some places and then during COVID 19, I started ‘Coffee with the Colonel’ and some patriot groups asked me to speak.” He is traveling more and more these days.

Friskup said he encourages everyone to become more aware of their rights and the nation’s history.

“God has called us to the battlefield of reclaiming our nation county by county, reclaiming our land where the acres outnumber the people,” he said. “We want to help good old Americans to bring this country back to a country of godliness, right standing with the constitution, right standing with God’s word. We talk about patriotism, history, facts, God’s truth.”

Recently Friskup has spoken in Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and more. He plans to be in Nebraska for a week in July.

Friskup worked as an auctioneer at the 2021 Black Hills Stock Show Horse Sale and also spoke at the Stock Show Reunion Fellowship during the Black Hills Stock Show. It was at that event that Faith, South Dakota ranchers Ed and Karen Miller of Faith, South Dakota, heard Friskup’s message and decided they wanted their neighbors and friends to hear it, too.

The Millers are hosting the June 21 event. They enjoyed learning from Friskup about the founding fathers and how instrumental the Bible and their Christian faith was in establishing the United States of America and the Constitution.

“We want the young people, and everyone, in our community to take hold, to get involved,” said Karen. She encourages ranchers and Christians to hold local offices such as school board, county commission, etc, in an effort to influence politics in a positive way.

Karen said they welcome everyone to the free barbecue and they want people to know that “there are no strings attached.”

“It’s just a community get together to give people a chance to learn more. There are no expectations, we won’t ask you for money or ask you to join something, or anything like that,” she said. “It’s to save our country. Our founding fathers gave up everything so that our country could have these freedoms. Now they are being given away. We won’t solve it at this event but we have to start somewhere.”

Opal Hall is southwest of Faith.

For more information, contact Ed and Karen Miller at 605-739-37891 (home) or 605-515-1251 (cell).

Steve Friskup will speak at Opal Hall, Opal, South Dakota, June 21. Everyone is welcome. Steve and his wife Robin share a patriotic message. photo courtesy Steve Friskup

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