Courtney Herefords 2011 Quality Bull Sale |

Courtney Herefords 2011 Quality Bull Sale

The Courtney family brought a very nice set of two-year-old Hereford bulls to town for their 41st annual bull sale. This family operation breeds and develops their cowherd with the most economic and necessary traits needed to survive in real world ranching conditions – traits like calving ease, easy fleshing, performance and fertility.

This hard grass cattle and sheep operation in the southeast corner of Montana brought only the best of their 200-plus bulls born in 2010. This set of bulls is out of the top females on the ranch; females that have been rigidly culled over the past generations of great cows at Courtney Herefords. All of the bulls in the sale were born unassisted. The bulls were weaned and wintered on an 80 percent grass hay ration, summered in big pastures from May through September. From then until sale day the bulls were fed free-choice grass hay and a light corn ration. These bulls were hard, not over conditioned, and look like they can cover plenty of cows for several years to come.

Topping the sale was Lot 026, CTY Lad 026X, an April 16, 2010 son of AGA 72R Lad 49U with EPDs of BW 4.0, WW 48, YW 77 and Milk 16. Philip Engelbrecht, Buffalo Gap, SD was the buyer at $12,000.

Lot 047, CTY Montana 047X, an April 19, 2010 son of CTY Montana 6633S sold to K.L. Slagsvold, Lindsey, MT for $8,000. This bull posted EPDs of BW 2.2, WW 42, YW 48 and Milk 12.

Stuber Herefords, Bowman, ND, purchased Lot 055, CTY Lad 054X, an April 22, 2010 son of AGA 72R Lad 49U for $8,000. This bull had EPDs of BW 3.5, WW 57, YW 96 and Milk 13.

Also selling at $8,000 was Lot 0016, CTY Easy 0016X, a March 20, 2010 son of CTY Easy 8806U with EPDs of BW 3.0, WW 53, YW 92 and Milk 17. Golder Ranch, Lame Deer, MT was the buyer.

Lot 0023, CTY Easy 023X, a March 26, 2010 son of CTY Easy 8806U, sold to Phil Ohlwine, Polo, IL for $7,500. This bull had EPDs of BW 1.7, WW 48, YW 78 and Milk 20.

Selling for $6,750 was Lot 0106 CTY Montana 0106X, a May 7, 2010 son of CTY Montana 6633S with EPDs of BW 4.2, WW 42, YW 59 and Milk 12. Richard Wyman, Osceloa, NE was the buyer.