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‘Cowboys & Critters’ celebrates isolation and beauty, wildlife and people on the range

“Stewardship does not just mean care of the land. It means recognizing the rich and complex world of wild things that inhabit this land as well. Coexistence may not be easy, we learn it by living this life, on the edge of the wilderness, with the creatures that live here.”

—Carolyn Dufurrena, rancher/award-winning author/lead writer,

“Cowboys & Critters”

Weathered hands and drawn faces may symbolize the tough, difficult life of ranchers and farmers. Days off are infrequent, but there is joy in long hours with little pay. The joy is captured in the new book, “Cowboys & Critters,” to be released in late October by RANGE magazine and the Range Conservation Foundation.

The hardbound, 160-page coffee-table edition is a photographic tribute featuring works by some of the best wildlife and ranch photographers in the country, and sprinkled with essays penned by award-winning writers and by those who live and work on the land.

RANGE is devoted to finding commonsense solutions to problems facing the people who help feed more than 300 million Americans. The publication is also recipient of four consecutive Freedom of the Press awards.

“Cowboys & Critters” will take the reader beyond the corrals and the beloved horses and the assortment of herding and protective working dogs, to the critters that share a rancher’s world. These creatures wander through ranchers’ lives—ranchers who are the lucky ones.

Page after page of the color-filled volume contains 186 wildlife and candid ranch life photos by 65 photographers, some of the West’s best, including: Larry Angier, Todd Klassy, Diane McAllister, Larry Turner, Cynthia Baldauf and Skye Clark.

Essays on the symbiotic relationship between ranchers, farmers and wildlife were contributed by 11 writers who can also claim a string of awards and accomplishments, including Carolyn Dufurrena, Linda M. Hasselstrom, Vess Quinlan, Bill Jones and Robert Laxalt.

The collection is intended to reflect a unique way of life.

Pre-publication price is $27; retail price is $45.

–Range Magazine

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