Cramer: EPA pulls methane info request |

Cramer: EPA pulls methane info request

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Kevin Cramer made the following statement on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcing the withdrawal of a November 2016 information request for the oil and gas industry in conjunction with President Obama’s Climate Action Plan:

“This quick action at the EPA under Administrator Pruitt is welcomed news to those of us seeking an EPA that respects states’ rights and focuses on the authorities Congress has granted them. This onerous information request targeting the oil and gas industry would have brought little to no value for the environment or the EPA. Quite frankly, the EPA should defer to or work with the state regulatory agencies who already have much of this information – as they work day in and day out with industry to ensure we have clean air and clean water. I commend the Administration on this action and look forward to continuing to rebalance our branches of government and easing its regulatory burden.”

With this action taken by the EPA, more than 15,000 oil and gas companies will no longer have to report technical information regarding methane emissions. More information can be found here:

–Representative Cramer

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