Crop and livestock research, wind energy update part of SAREC Field Day July 24 |

Crop and livestock research, wind energy update part of SAREC Field Day July 24

An All-Wyoming product pancake breakfast begins a busy field day morning Thursday, July 24, at the James C. Hageman Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center (SAREC) near Lingle.

The pancake feed is from 8-9:30 a.m. Tours start after breakfast and include small research crop plots, intensive grazing management, and an update on feedlot research featuring the GrowSafe system. This system allows individual feeding and monitoring of animals. There is also a wind energy update and information about carbon sequestration options for farmers. Lunch follows the tours.

Breakfast items include whole wheat flour from Niobrara County, milk and sausage from Goshen County and syrup and jam from Laramie County.

The diversity and quantity of research at SAREC continues to climb, says Jim Freeburn, director of operations.

“We have more research than ever and more diversity in the research as well,” he says. “There are more crop projects, especially in weed science, than we expected. Andrew Kniss, assistance professor of plant sciences at UW, is a great addition. And we have far more feedlot research than expected, especially with the GrowSafe system. It’s just great to see our resources used for so much beneficial research.”

John Ritten, who starts Aug. 19 as assistant professor of agricultural and applied economics based at SAREC, alos will attend.

“We are really looking forward to having Dr. Ritten join us as our new agricultural economist,” said Freeburn. “John’s presence will help us complete the systems research we have been striving for at SAREC. John will be at our field day, and it will be the first opportunity for the public to meet and visit with him.”

The small plot research tour includes oil seed trials; herbicide trials in sugar beets, sunflowers, wheat, potatoes, corn and alfalfa; small grain variety trails; Goss’s Wilt trials; millet trials; dry edible bean trials; and wheat and barley trials.

Other information includes omega 3 supplement in low line Angus yearlings, SAREC baseline cow herd and replacement heifers, pressure cooker gauge checks, and a lamb taste test.

The Goshen County Predator Board will present information on efforts at trapping raccoons in the county.

Roy Latta, director of research at the Mallee Research Station, Walpeup, Victoria, Australia, will discuss evolving dry land farming systems in Australia. Information includes similarities in limitations and challenges leading to the current Australian farming system with consideration to climate, markets, social, economic and environmental drivers. Latta is conducting research at SAREC this summer.

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