Crop insurance groups ask for budget protection |

Crop insurance groups ask for budget protection

Crop insurance groups and their allies have sent letters to the House and Senate Budget and Appropriations committees, Agriculture Secretary-designate Sonny Perdue, and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, urging them to protect the crop insurance program from cuts.

“All told, the 2014 farm bill is a careful balance of priorities and should not be reopened before its expiration in 2018 to achieve additional budget savings,” the groups wrote to the Budget committees.

“Moreover, even in the context of the 2018 farm bill, cuts to crop insurance during this difficult time for rural America should be avoided,“ the groups said. “Farmers and lawmakers agree that crop insurance is a linchpin of the farm safety net and is crucial to the economic security of rural America. We urge you to oppose cuts to crop insurance during this year’s budget process.”

The groups sent the letters only days after the National Corn Growers Association released a study showing that returns to the companies were reduced by the 2010 standard reinsurance agreement negotiations.

–The Hagstrom Report

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