Crump Red Angus Second Annual Bull Sale

PRCA bull fighter, Lloyd Ketchum, Miles City, Mont., repeat Crump Red Angus bull buyer.

Date: February 22, 2014

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction, Buffalo, WY

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

Reported by: Scott Dirk


80 Yearling bulls – $7,431

1 Donor cow $5,250

37 Open heifers – $2,424

Crump Red Angus owned by Jesse and Charity Crump and their young family hosted a record breaking Red Angus sale at the Buffalo Livestock Auction in Buffalo, Wyo. This was only their second sale but this up and coming Red Angus operation is getting lots of notice in the breed. Their cowherd was assembled from some very reputation Red Angus breeders and with the addition of the Tongue River Red Angus cowherd last year they will continue to make great strides.

The bulls are moderate framed with plenty of capacity, growth and calving ease. The large crowd in the seats and those participating through electronic outlets were eager to bid on the bulls with several bidders on every lot.

The top selling bull for the day was Lot 8, Crump Peacemaker 343, a Jan. 23, 2013, son of GMRA Peacemaker 1216 with EPDs of BW -4.6, WW 62, YW 110, Milk 18, selling to Frank Zermeno, Lakeway, Texas, for $14,250.

Sandhill Red Angus, Froid, Mont., won the bidding battle at $14,000 on Lot 10, Crump Ultra Magnum 3178. This Jan. 13, 2013, son of Crump 300 Ultra Magnum Y106 has EPDs of BW 2.5, WW 88, YW 139, Milk 11.

The next high selling bull was Lot 5, Crump Exemplify 3159, a Jan. 17, 2013, son of LSF RAB Sovereign X7780 with EPDs of BW -5.1, WW 52, YW 69, Milk 24 to Richard Gardner, Beaver, Okla., for $12,500.

Lot 3, Crump Forever Red 324, a Jan. 19, 2013, son of Bieber H Hughes W109 with EPDs of BW -2.5, WW 67, YW 101, Milk 19. This bull went to Wasem Red Angus, Halliday, N.D., for $11,250.

Richard Gardner of Beaver, Okla. purchased the next top selling bull for $10,750, Lot 2, Crump Moon Rise 3187 with EPDs of BW -3.3, WW 62, YW 98, Milk 18.

Lot 14, Crump Sovereign 3104, a Jan. 13, 2013, son of LSF RAB Sovereign X7780 with EPDs of BW -5.1, WW 42, YW 70, Milk 19 sold to Hanging L Ranch Company, Mullen, Neb., for $10,500.

Also selling for $10,500 was Lot 15, Crump Sovereign 3157, a Jan. 12, 2013, son of LSF RAB Sovereign X7780 with EPDs of BW -3.1, WW 48, YW 73, Milk 18 to Dudley Mackey, Gillette, Wyo.

Donor cow:

Lot 85, MLK CRK Chief 208, a Jan 12, 2002 daughter of Basin Hobo 79E with EPDs of BW -3.3, WW 45, YW 72, Milk 37 sold for $5,250 to Dave Lucht, Bozeman Mont.

Open heifers:

The top selling heifer was Lot 92, TR Brandy AT 307, a Feb. 12, 2013, daughter of TR Epic ST618 with EPDs of BW -2.8, WW 61, YW 93, Milk 17. This heifer was purchased by Jeff Stewart, Lake Preston, S.D., for $3,500.

Lot 111, TR Kit AT342, a Feb. 26, 2013, daughter of TR Julian YT180 with EPDs of BW -4.7, WW 51, YW 78, Milk 20. This heifer was sold to Milk Creek Reds, Plevna, Mont., for $3,400.