Cure on the hunt for a big check in Ft. Worth |

Cure on the hunt for a big check in Ft. Worth

Less than two hours up the road, north of the Will Rogers Coliseum, home of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, lives the newly crowned world champion steer wrestler.

Hunter Cure, from Holliday, Texas, earned that title at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) last December. He is on the rodeo trail in 2014 hoping to qualify for rodeo’s championship event again and bring home another gold buckle signifying that he is the best in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

There is nothing he would like more than to get a big check here and jump start his season. He came one step closer on Wednesday night when he stopped the clock in 5.9 seconds. This was his second appearance and is currently eighth in the round. While that probably won’t hold and he is unlikely to get a check, he moved into third place in the overall standings and is in good position to be back here for the finals on Feb. 8 at 7:30 p.m.

The first round was held on Jan. 23 where all of the steer wrestlers got a turn. Cure was 4.5 seconds then, just one spot out of the money. Like many other rodeo contestants, he came through the ranks of college rodeo. He used rodeo scholarships to help him earn a degree in ag economics from Texas Tech University. He is a three-time College National Finals Rodeo qualifier, winning the steer wrestling title at the College National Finals Rodeo in 2006.

There were two great runs in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association barrel racing Wednesday. Callie DuPerier, from Boerne, Texas, had a 16.60 and is now second in the first round. Jane Melby, NFR qualifier from Bruurneyville, Okla., is sixth with a 16.74. The barrel racing here had 211 entries that all compete once. Then the 90 fastest times from that round advance to a progressive round with the 12 who have the fastest total times advancing to the finals.

The following are unofficial results from the ninth performance of the World’s Oldest Indoor Rodeo® at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.

Ninth Performance

Bareback Riding: 1, J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., 76 points on Andrews Rodeo’s Double Cross. 2, Caleb Bennett, Morgan, Utah, 75. 3, Tyler Scales, Severance, Colo., 73. 4, Tyler Nelson, Victor, Idaho, 72. .

Steer Wrestling: 1, Hunter Cure, Holliday, Texas, 5.9 seconds. 2, Mickey Gee, Wichita Falls, Texas, 13.8. 3, Dean Stermer, McKinney, Texas, 14.3. 4, Todd Suhn, Hermosa, S.D., 20.3.

Team Roping: 1, Kelsey Parchman, Cumberland City, Tenn., and Caleb Twisselman, Santa Margarita, Calif., 6.9 seconds. 2, Calvin Brevik, Durango, Colo., and J.W. Borrego, Weston, Colo., 7.8. 3, Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas, and Trey Johnson, Burleson, Texas, 11.1. 4, Travis Bounds, Grand Junction, Colo., and Wade Kreutzer, La Vita, Colo., 16.5.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Jake Wright, Milfrod, Utah, 74 points on Andrews Rodeo’s Little Cat. 2, Alex Wright, Milford, Utah, 73. 3, Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah, 72. 4, Jsoh Griggs, Fraser, Colo., 61.

Tie-Down Roping: 1, Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, 9.1 seconds. 2, Paul David Tierney, Oral, S.D., 10.10. 3, Cody Owens, Rankin, Texas, 11.0. 4, Clint Singleton, Colorado City, Texas, 17.3.

Barrel Racing: 1, Callie DuPerier, Boerne, Texas, 16.60. 2, Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., 16.74. 3, Paige Conrado, Hudson, Colo., 16.94. 4, (tie) Callie Gray, Weatherford, Okla.; Robin Montague, Bandera, Texas; and Natalie Bland, Decatur, Texas; 17.18.

Bull Riding: (three rides) 1, Howdy Cloud, Kountze, Texas, 78 points on Andrews Rodeos Rock Solid. 2, (tie) Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colo., and Tanner Bothwell, Rapid City, S.D., 64 points each.

Current Leaders —

Bareback Riding: (first round) 1, Steven Peebles, Redmond, Ore., 83 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Pegasus. 2, (tie) Jake Vold, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, and Kaycee Feild, Payson, Utah, 82. 4, Caleb Bennett, Morgan, Utah, 81. (second round) 1, (tie) Orin Larsen, Goodwell, Okla., on J Bar J Rodeo’s Pass The Hat and Kaycee Field, Payson, Utah, on J Bar J’s All Pink, 85 points. 3, J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., 82. 4, Jake Vold, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, 81.(third round) 1, Richie Champion, The Woodlands, Texas, 84 on Dakota Rodeo’s Ankle Biter. 2, Steven Peebles, Redmond, Ore., 81 points on Dakota Rodeo’s Mary Jane. 3, Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., 79. 4, Taylor Price, Huntsville, Texas, 77. (total on three) 1, Steven Peebles, 241. 2, Kaycee Field, 237. 3, Orin Larsen, Goodwell, Okla., 237. 4, Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., 233.

Steer Wrestling: (second round) 1, Trevor Knowles, Mount Vernon, Ore., 4.6. 2, J.B. Lord, Sturgis, S.D., 4.7. 3, Austin Eller, Glendo, Wyo. 4.9. 4, Brandon Bates, Mexican Springs, N.M., 5.0. . (total on two) 1, J.B. Lord, 9.1. 2, Trevor Knowles, 10.2. 3, Hunter Cure, Holliday, Texas, 10.4. 4, Gary Gilbert, New Underwood, S.D. 10.6.

Team Roping: (first round) 1, Kaleb Driggers, Albany, Ga., and Patrick Smith, Lipan, Texas, 5.0 seconds. 2, Quisto Lopez, Beeville, Texas, and Keagan Duncan, Midland, Texas, 5.8. 3, Clay Ullery, Two Hills, Alberta, Canada and Kyle Lucas, Maricopa, Ariz., 5.8. 4, Cale Markham, Vinita, Okla., and Cody Doescher, Oklahoma City, Okla., 6.1. (second round) 1, Dustin Bird, Cutbank, Mont., and Paul Eaves, Lonedell, Mo., 4.9 seconds. 2, David Motes, Tolar, Texas and Evan Arnold, Santa Margarita, Calif., 5.0. 3, Cale Markham, Vinita, Okla., and Cody Doescher, Oklahoma City, 5.3. 4, Matt Sherwood, Pima, Ariz., and Clint Summers, Lake City, Fla., 5.6. (total on two) 1,Cale Harkham and Cody Doescher, 11.4. 2, Shane Philipp and John Philipp, 16.4 seconds. 3, David Motes and Evan Arnold, 16.5. 4, Marcus Battaglia and Jordan Ketscher, 17.5.

Saddle Bronc Riding: (first round) 1, Cort Scheer, Elsmere, Neb., 81 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Wasp. 2, Chet Johnson, Sheridan, Wyo., 79. 3, Josh Reynolds, Ekalaka, Mont., 77. 4, (tie) Cole Hatfield, Guthrie, Texas, and Travis Nelson, Philipp, S.D., 76. (second round) : 1, Chet Johnson, Sheridan, Wyo., 81 points on Andrews Rodeo’s Apple Jack. 2, Tyrel Larsen, Ingliss, Manitoba, Canada, 79. 3, Cort Scheer, Elsemere, Neb., 78. 4, Luke Butterfield, Ponoka, Alberta, 77. (total on two) 1, Chet Johnson, 160 points. 2, Cort Scheer, 159. 3, Tyrel Larsen, 154. 4, (tie) Luke Butterfield, and Josh Reynolds, Ekalaka, Mont., 151.

Tie-Down Roping: (second round) 1, Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 8.2 seconds. 2, GlennJackson Glasper, Okmulgee, Okla., 8.8. 3, Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, 9.1. 4, (tie) Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas, Jesse Clark, Portales, N.M., 9.3. (total on two) 1, GlennJackson Glasper, 19.0 seconds. 2, Timber Moore, 19.2. 3, Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif., 19.4. 4, Paul David Tierney, Oral, S.D., 20.4.

Barrel Racing: (first round) 1, Cheyenne Kelly, Hallettsville, Texas, 16.52 seconds. 2, Callie DuPerier, Boerne, Texas, 16.60. 3, Danyelle Bassett, Bryan, Texas, 16.65. 4, Sarah Kieckhefer, Prescott, Ariz., 16.72. 5, Debbie Bloxom, Midland, Texas, 16.73. 6, Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., 16.74.

Bull Riding: (first round) 1, Brady Roberts, Seminole, Texas, 86 points on Western Rodeo’s Buck Even. 2, Sam Wyatt, Fittstown, Okla.,78. 3, Joe Frost, Randlett, Utah, 77. 4, Cody Dollins, Waco, Texas, 76. (second round) 1, John Young, Orient, Iowa, 85 points on 4L & Diamond S Rodeo’s Speck of Lightning. 2, J.W. Harris, Mullin, Texas, 81. 3, Joe Frost, Randlett, Utah, 76. 4, Marcus Mariluch, Elko, Nev., 73. (total on two) 1, Joe Frost, 153 points. 2, Tanner Byrne, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 136. (on one) 3, Brady Roberts, 86. 4, John Young, 85. F

–Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

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