Currant Creek Angus |

Currant Creek Angus

Brock Arthun & Son Wilsall, Montana.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Currant Creek Angus

Date of Sale: Dec. 2, 2018

Location: At the Ranch Roundup, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


100 Black Angus Bulls – $4,600

6 Red Angus Bulls – $3,542

Great day for a Bull Sale at Currant Creek Angus. The weather was outstanding with great set of bulls offered to a large group of buyers on the seats.

Top Bull Calves

Lot 37 at $7,000, CCAR 5228 Payweight F059, Dob 3-6-2018, Reg 19262801, WCF payweight 5228 c CCAR Rita Z232, sold to 7 Hanging 7 Ranch Grass Range, Montana.

Lot 36 at $6,500, CCAR 1915 Payweight F025, Dob 3-7-2018, Reg 19261484 Paint Rock Payweight 191-5 x CCAR Ideal U506, sold to Sian Land & Livestock Pompeys Pillar, Montana.

Lot 51 at $6,250, CCAR Rainmaster F077, Dob 3-28-2018, SAV 654X Rainmaster 6849 x CCAR Scotch Cap Z771, sold to Nicole and Lance Johnson, Lewistown, Montana.

Top Fall Yearling Bulls

Lot 2 at $6,250, CCAR Breakout 7139, Dob 9-17-2017, Reg 19261488, Worthington Breakout x CCAR Jewel 0114, sold to BS Angus Jordan, Montana.

Lot 9 at $5,750, CCAR 2922 Rito 7130, Dob 9-12-2017, Reg 19253811, Maicajo Rito 6EM3 x CCÅR Lass 9136, Sold to 7 Hanging 7 Ranch Grass Range, Montana.

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