Custer Co. Fair Ranch Rodeo results |

Custer Co. Fair Ranch Rodeo results

Custer County Fair’s 23rd annual Ranch Rodeo was held Friday evening, Aug. 13, 2010 at the Fairgrounds in Hermosa, SD. Events included the Horse Catch, Pasture Loading, Cowboy Sled, Gatherin’ Strays and Hells Bustin’ Loose!

Eight teams entered, entertaining a full crowd at the fairgrounds. The teams were: Bishop Ranch/Tom’s Repair including Ben Bishop, Cody Newton, Rayan Snyder and Mike McCoy; Dyesville/March Trucking/Circle T Arena including Jack Dye, Tony March, Jim Tiltrum and Les Tiltrum; Wild Bunch including Brent Fox, Brian Lange, Tom Coolahan and Brad Lange; Christiansen Livestock Co. including Wacy Kirkpatrick, Joe Wood, Kyle Norman and Callen Brink; LaCrosse Estate Apartments including Deana Fulton, Justin Robertson, Jacob Rausch and Jake VanderMay; Badlands Sand & Gravel including Cort Baker, Karl Lehrkamp, Trent Odenbach and Grady Egly; VanderMay/Edoff Ranches including Luke VanderMay, Kyle Edoff, Jeremy Langdeau and Tyler Jones; and H & T Bies Cattle Co. including Jeff Roberts, Lacey Roberts, Travis Byrne and Kyle Brown).

Winning this year’s Ranch Rodeo was the Dyesvilles/March Trucking/Circle T Arena team with 37 points. Dyesville/March Trucking/Circle T Arena have won five of the last six Ranch Rodeos at the Custer Co. Fair. They have also been in the most Ranch Rodeo competitions with 23 under their belt. Taking second place was the Wild Bunch with 28 points. Third place went to H & T Bies Cattle Co. with 22 points.

Triple R Tack again sponsored the Ranch Horse and Top Ranch Hand Awards. Cort Baker won the Top Ranch Hand award and Jeff Roberts paint horse won the Ranch Horse Award.

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