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Daines fights for Montana’s wildland firefighters

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today introduced The Wildland Firefighter Recognition Act and The Wildland Firefighter Fairness Act.

“I have heard the challenges our wildland firefighters face and I am taking action,” Daines said. “The two bills I introduced are aimed at strengthening our preparedness for future wildfires and ensures we are recruiting and retaining the folks who put it all on the line for our safety.”

The legislation would direct the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to create a “Wildland Firefighter” job series and would address several technical problems wildland firefighters face.

To read The Wildland Firefighter Recognition Act bill text, click HERE.

To read The Wildland Firefighter Fairness Act bill text, click HERE.


Last week, Senator Daines held a roundtable with wildland firefighters at Neptune Aviation to discuss the upcoming fire season and issues with wildland firefighter retention.

Support from Stakeholders:

“I would like to recognize Senator Daines for his continued support on these important issues that face our wildland firefighters. We used to have forest fires and now we have catastrophic wildfires and this has changed the safety for our men and women on the ground as the fuels have changed over the years. These people deserve to be called Wildland Firefighters instead of Seasonal Forestry Technicians and they should have all the resources available to them as structure firefighters do across the country.” – Vicki Minor, Executive Director, Wildland Firefighter Foundation

–Senator Steve Daines

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